First Birthday Party – Busy “Bees”!

Turn your house into a beautifully Party Venue!Baby Birthday Cake

It’s your baby’s first birthday, and for some parents their first toddler as well! This birthday is certainly something to celebrate!

Although they don’t really understand what’s going on, they will certainly enjoy some friends and toys! It’s not every day that something like this happens. For the little ones, it’s something strange, but also nice to have some friends to run around with!

Parents love to arrange birthday parties for their children. I personally loved it too! It’s not really necessary to celebrate a one-year-old party, but why not! It is a golden opportunity for a family and friends gathering.

But where do you start?

How Do You Plan A Baby’s First Birthday Party?

Little-BoyRemember, your baby is now officially a toddler!  Planning the first birthday party is fun! You get to pick cute decorations like balloons, cupcakes, nice colorful toys, and of course a cute outfit for the birthday princess or prince(for the photos)

At this stage of a one-year-old baby’s life, they don’t have a concept of friends, they don’t even know that’s their birthday, and they are not going to remember the party! Anyway, they will know about it one day. When you feel you should invite some other children around the neighborhood or from the daycare, it’s up to you, but don’t feel pressured to do so.

Or, are you perhaps planning an intimate birthday party? Then stick with family members and friends, like for example grandma and grandpa, Aunts and uncles, and a few friends from your baby’s daycare.

Or, If you want to have a huge bash, you can invite more people. For parents, their children’s birthday is the sweetest thing, they’ll do anything to make it worth it! After all family time is very important.

So, What Time Is The Right Time?

This day is very special for both mom and dad, but remember it’s not your birthday, so get the right time for the party! Make sure your baby is in a good mood, not tired, and had a good sleep before the party.

Choose the time right. Keep the party brief. One hour is quite long enough at this age, before the next nap. Well if the birthday boy or girl went for a nap, they certainly will join again when they get up!

Protect your pets, keep them away from small kidsBaby and Puppy

The party might disturb your pets, it is best to keep them out of the way. I guess this party is not for them!

Some children may be allergic to animal hair, or even afraid of animals. Some pets are not child-friendly either and they too need to be protected!

Where should the party be?

How Do You Choose The Venue?

The best place should be at home where your child is most comfortable. I guess some parents will be agreed with me! Home is where the heart is!

Your baby will be more relaxed, knowing his/her surroundings. Some parents choose other venues like restaurants, at the swimming pool, on the beach, and many more.

Choosing these places can cost you a lot, but it can also save you the ‘mess’ at home. I prefer home because I believe my baby is most happy at home! Their bed, toys, pets, and everything they love are at home!

Toddler In Swimwear

Themes for a one-year-old party are not really necessary, it’s more for the benefit of photo and video records.

A colorful theme can always be a winner! Babies love bright colors! Choose a nice spot in your yard for the party!

Jumping castles are a brilliant idea! Make sure there are no staircases or any dangerous objects kids can climb on. little ones like to climb and crawl on anything they can find!

Keep a watchful eye on the party area, for hazards, like small easily swallowed objects which can be very dangerous! Clear them away quickly.

We all know babies put everything in the mouth. Make sure you have someone to take plenty of photos and videos. One day, this day will come up again!

Keep a watchful eye over toddlers in the swimming poolToddler-In Swimming-Pool

If there is a swimming pool at the venue, make sure you don’t leave your child unattended at the swimming pool.

Leave a caregiver with them all the time. Your kid’s health and safety come first.

Children Love To Play Games And Colors!

Choose games and activities wisely. Choose what your baby likes, not you. Loud music or loud people can frighten your baby. Play with them in the baby pool(don’t forget the sunblock!) it will make them very happy. Do something they like. Babies love water!


Remember they will be active for an hour or so, before getting tired, make the best of it. The little colorful balls are a good choice for little ones!

You can also keep a variety of toys available within a large, safe floor space, So everyone can choose what they want to play with! It keeps all of them busy and happy!

I’m sure breastfeeding moms will appreciate a quiet and private place for breastfeeding, as well as nappy changing. You don’t want to breastfeed or change nappies in public.

For the hungry tummy!

What Food Should You Serve?


Firstly you should know who to expect, and then you cater accordingly. Keep snacks for kids simple and tasty. We all know kids, if they don’t like something, it ends up on the floor!

For other ages and older kids, you can serve foods and snacks that are healthy and can be eaten on the go.

Kids are busy bees, always on the run! It’s not easy to keep them around the table. Juicy fruit, chicken, fish fingers, biscuits, and some cheese are excellent choices.

Keep fruit juice and water handy for thirsty little ones. On a hot summer day loads of fluid are needed!

For adults, you can try snack platters with meats, fish, cheese, eggs, chicken, veggies, fruits with a few dips. Coffee, tea, and Cooldrinks as well. If you plan to serve a full meal, make sure your guest know about it, so they can plan accordingly.

For the safety and health of your family and friends, ask if any of them has any food allergies. Avoid certain foods like peanuts that may present a choking hazard to little ones.

Cup Cakes

Cupcakes! what is a party without a cake!

And then there is the cake of the birthday boy or girl. Most of the pictures taken are around the cake. The best part is the cake right in front of the birthday child!

If it’s a boy, his face is going to be blue with all the icing! If it is a girl, guess what, she is going to have a pink face! Priceless moments! One day, they going to look at these photos, and show them to their children.

Gifts! the best time of the day!

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Your Toddler

Wow! I personally love gifts! Yes, I know it’s not my birthday, but at least I can share the fun with my child! (smile)

If you buy presents for a toddler, stick to safe and healthy toys. Organic toys Building-Blocksare the best choice. Choose the right toys for the right age.

Toys are more than just playthings, they should also be age-appropriate, stimulating, and safe. Toys should be thought of as developmental learning tools.

Building blocks, for example, are very simple and a good choice because it allows children to be creative and spontaneous. Another great gift is baby clothing, I always like to choose that option. You can’t go wrong with that choice!

Push along toys, especially when they start walking, to show their walking skills. Babies love phones! A toy phone can be an excellent idea especially a touch screen with colorful lightning will be loads of fun.Push-Along-Toy

Some friends may give your child cash as a gift. You can put that aside in their savings account.

That is actually a very good present! When they turn 18 one day they will appreciate their own bank account


Today they are babies, but one day we going to think back about the days they were babies. Keep that photos, they are good memories.

For now, enjoy every minute of your little ones, hold them, sing to them. Today you may say, ‘one day when they are older’ And one day you might say when they were little babies’ Feel free to visit my website.

Thank you for reading my article, Hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a reply and will get back to you.

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