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Keep your toddler busy with the right toys.

Parents always want the best for their children, I do, and I’m sure you do too! Every food or drink they put into their bodies or toy they playing with can affect them. That’s why it is so important for our children to get the right ‘direction’ from day one!Wooden-Toys-For-Toddlers

Children need things to keep them busy and happy every day! They need to play. Play allows them to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development.

It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. It also teaches them to share, when playing with toys. So? Can you imagine a kid without toys? When children are playing with toys, they aren’t just keeping busy, they’re doing some serious learning, too. Consider buying simple wooden toys for your kids today.

Why Wooden Toys?

♦Durability and longevity

They’re long-lasting and more durable. They cause less waste than plastic toys. Good quality, eco-friendly wooden toys don’t contain PVC, phthalates, or similar chemicals used in plastic toys.

♦It encourages imaginative play.

It requires a child to use their own imagination to play especially when they are building blocks.

Playing blocks even helps them develop their vocabularies, improves math skills, and even teaches them about gravity, balance, and geometry.

True Facts

Wooden blocks are safer

There are no BPA, PVC, or phthalates in wooden toys making them a great choice for parents looking to avoid chemicals. It is most definitely safer for your baby.

They are environmental Friendly

By purchasing a wooden toy that’s sustainably sourced and made from certified wood, you’re playing a small part in reducing the amount of plastic waste. Wood is biodegradable and can be recycled. There’s no ecological harm during the process.

Wooden toys are cheaper

While they might be more expensive upfront, wooden toys end up actuallyWooden Blocks For Toddlers being cheaper than plastic ones. They don’t require any batteries or light bulbs, so you’ll definitely save money on those over the years.

They definitely look and feels good

Wooden toys are much nicer to have around because they’re better to look at and rarely come with uncomfortable edges. They will still look good after many years!

Let’s Have A Look At Some Gorgeous Wooden Blocks For Your Toddler!

Lewo Large Wooden Blocks 

This Toy-set contains 32 pieces of big wooden building stacking blocks. with a carry bag, a package with a box, made of hardwood and high quality, and non-toxic materials.

The Building Set comes with a sturdy, practical, and reusable storage bag, so you can keep all the LEWO Block pieces securely in one place.

Playing and building are great ways for children to discover, learn and grow. The blocks can help to develop kids’ hand-eye coordination, color and shape recognition, counting and sorting, and spatial relationships.

Children just love different colors!  These assorted colors: red, yellow, orange, autumn orange-red, blue, green are irresistible!

It also comes in different shapes: rectangular prisms, cubes, cylinders, half circles, arches, rectangular planks, and triangles! Kids will have a “feast ” with these blocks, building anything they can imagine.

They can pass hours constructing towers, animals, castles, towns, and more! This block’s size is big enough, so you don’t have to worry about Choking Hazard! The paint on the blocks is non-toxic, with no  BPA( This chemical is found in many plastic products including plastic toys, and can be harmful)

The quality is excellent in all regards. The machining is perfect, with a smooth sanded finish and a nice consistent bevel for the edges. These blocks are big and heavy enough to use on the carpet without frustration.

The durability is also excellent! After years of intensive destructive testing, they can still look brand new. Get this lovely toy set for your toddler today, and make your baby smile!

Up next!

50 Pieces Wooden Blocks

These wooden building blocks are a classic building and stacking toy, perfect for age 3-5 and up, toddlers will love it! It can keep them busy for hours! This marvelous toy set contains 50 wooden blocks, in different bright colors and shapes!

The blocks are printed with Numbers and arithmetic symbols. Children can recognize numbers while playing with them. They are smooth and free of burrs. This is a high-quality wood with round edges, to avoid cuts to your baby

The wooden block set comes with a handled bucket and cloth bag that can hold all the wooden blocks.  A shape classifier design is added to the lid of the bucket so that children can have fun loading blocks into the bucket.

Need your child to be smarter, more imaginative, and creative? Get them these 50 piece wooden building blocks now, and enjoy a happy toddler every day!

Keep Watching For More!

 Shape Sorting Cube

I just love this toy! One of my personal favorites! Will definitely get these for my grandchildren! Experts say the best toys are those that encourage interaction. These toys are designed to inspire engagement and connection with your child.

Melissa and Doug’s mission is to ignite imagination and wonder so children discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose.

The Melissa & Doug Shape-Sorting Cube Classic Wooden Toy is a beautifully constructed wooden toy with 12 bright-colored, easy-to-grip shapes, popular shapes, and colors that will surely engage your kids!

Each shape is designed to fit through a matching hole on the wooden cube. These toys are made to last, and it is worth every penny!

This is a must-have for every child because it is a classic educational toy for toddlers and the shape and color of it has a nostalgic feel and appeal!

It can be a perfect birthday gift for ages 2-4 years. Make that call mom/dad to brighten up your toddler’s face!

Alphabet Blocks

These educational toys are great stacking toys & Abc games for Kids ages 3, 4, and 5, and contain 30 Wooden Blocks. These wooden alphabet blocks help encourage early learning development success.

Make learning fun, simply by buying this great toy for your toddler! It’s also a great birthday gift and ideal for pre-schools.
These toys help children learn uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, colors, shapes, fruits, vegetables, parts of the body, seasons, animals, and some objects.

Colors and shapes are essential for early learning. They are the foundation of learning and solidify and reinforce education!
These large wooden blocks building toys are sanded smooth and sealed and autism-friendly.

The water and oil-based non-toxic paint are safe for children and adults! Each side of the blocks has a different learning tool which is great for any kid, especially children with autism.

These blocks are durable, vibrant, the perfect size, and have multiple ways you can use them. parents’ love these toys for their babies. They have a glossy finish and bright colors. Parents, this is another must-have! Lighten up these sweet little faces with this extraordinary toy now!

The Physical Development Of Block Play

Wooden Blocks For ToddlersBlock play promotes the development of spatial awareness and develops hand-eye coordination as children reach for, lift, move and build with blocks, strengthening their fingers, hands, and arms.

Playing with blocks also helps children hone their coordination, balance, gross-motor skills (large movements like crawling and walking), and fine-motor skills (smaller movements like picking objects up).

Let’s build a happy and healthy future for our children, simply by giving them all the love and attention they need! Thank you for reading my article, please leave a reply, and I will gladly get back to you.

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