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We all have different needs, and we all want the best kind of baby monitors for our babies, no matter how much it cost.

Whatever you choose, make sure you do enough research on that device, and find the best and secure baby monitor to give you and your baby a better and peaceful night’s sleep.

There are a number of great wireless monitors on the market today, many of them are tested and reviewed to give you more peace of mind.

I want you to read a bit through my article and hopefully, you will enjoy it.

Is A Wireless Baby Monitor Safe

Finding a good baby monitor can be quite a headache. Digital wireless monitors, use signals that are unlikely to experience outside interference.

If you want a non-internet-enabled monitor, and have a choice between analog and digital, rather go for the Analog option.

We surely want the best for our little ones. If a monitor doesn’t use the internet, it’s quite a headache. You can’t check in on your kids when leaving them with a babysitter or while you out at night. That’s exactly what we don’t want. We want to know their every move.

These types of non-internet enable monitors are basically fancied walkie-talkies or cordless smartphone. Once you out of the physical range of the camera, usually about a few meters from your house, you can’t see what’s going on at home via the monitor.

Our children’s safety is very important to us, that’s why we will try our best to get the best baby monitor.


Like anything else, every product has its ups and downs, or positive and negative Side.

As we all know baby monitors are for most of us a lifesaver or a product to rely on, to make our lives better and easier. We should be always aware of the following:

  • Follow instructions

When buying a baby monitor, please make sure you follow the instructions very carefully. Know how to set them up.

If you don’t understand, get professional help, this is for the safety of our little ones, remember that instructions are there for a reason, we should not ignore them, make sure you follow every step of it.

  •  Change Default Passwords

Once our baby monitor is set up, we should change the default password. Even if we feel comfortable with that password, or think it’s easy to remember, you still need to set up your own password that only you know.

Make it as difficult as possible for other people, but easy or remember it for yourself. Don’t use birth dates or family names.

  •  Secure Home Network

Make absolutely sure to have you, baby monitor, on your home wireless network, that’s been secured with a password.

We don’t want to make the password of the monitor and the WiFi the same, for safety reasons off cause, keep them different.

What Is Good About a Baby Monitor?

Wireless monitors are a great product for parents, I know a few people who just love their baby monitor. It allows them to view their little ones and receive alerts on their smartphones.

If we just follow the rules and instructions around the set up of a baby monitor and take good care of them like we take care of our computer, smartphone, or laptop then we can mislead hackers.

We all know that baby monitor do have their positive side as well, and like many things in the world, there is also a negative side as well.

Can Radio Waves Of a Baby Monitor Be Harmful to Infants?

The World Health Organization is undertaking a wide study of radiation impact to see where concerns fall. So far there are not many conclusive data on baby monitors specifically.

For safety, many baby Monitors are similar to what they use in hospitals. If you are concerned about radio levels, look for monitors that speak to those specific apprehensions.

If you as a mom worried about the exposure to your baby, try to limit the time near the monitor or turn of if somebody is in the baby’s room looking after him or her.

The exposure is not an imminent threat, but you can take specific action to keep you, baby, safe. You should look for a monitor with low radiation. Low emission baby monitors are a safer choice if you want to reduce your baby’s exposure to EMFs.Happy-Baby Sleeping

Our eyes and ears are obviously the best baby monitors, if we could avoid using a baby monitor it would be even better and safer for us.

Those years people like our grandparents, for example, used to cope that way, but for many of us today it’s impractical.

Despite the concerns we’ve outlined, baby monitors are still a very necessary item for many parents. Find the one that best meets your needs. Here are some low emission baby monitors:

. Low Emission Analog Baby Monitor

Analog monitors typically use the 49 MHZ frequency band, which is much lower than the 1.89-2.4 GHz frequency that digital monitors use.

There is only one problem, analog monitors do not offer video they are audio-only. Note: These claims are made by manufacturers, not by me:

. Low Emission Digital Baby Monitor

They may be safer than traditional digital monitors when it comes to radiation concerns.

There are trade-offs you’ll make in terms of features and transmission quality, but I think it’s worth it so that you can reduce you, babies, exposure to the radiation.

Most Important To Hear And See My Baby When I’m Not Around


Well, With some baby monitors you won’t be able to see you, baby, while sleeping, but you can hear you little one, Some parents can’t afford too expensive monitors, but sometimes we really have to try our best to get the best and safest monitor on the market, for you baby.

These modern days both parents work, which makes a baby monitor ideal for an overworked and stressed parent. Next, when you want to give somebody a baby shower gift, think of a baby monitor.

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