Treat Baby Rash- Soothe The Pain

Rashes can make a baby very unhappy!Baby-Crying

It is heartbreaking to see your baby in pain. And the worst is, they can’t do anything to ease their pain, except cry.

Yes, that’s what skin rash causes them, a lot of discomfort and pain. Our little babies can’t help or defend themselves, they rely and depend on us.

I saw it so many times, many times it happens due to irresponsible caregivers, who simply leave your little baby with a dirty diaper all day long! Yes, that is true! My heart bleeds for them! Just imagine yourself as an adult in that uncomfortable situation.

Whatever the situation, our little ones suffer the most. Well, there is good news after all! Treatment is available. That puts a smile back on my face, and of course, my little bay’s as well. But what causes these rashes?

What Causes Skin Rash In Babies?


  • Diaper Rash

The most common cause is your baby’s sensitive skin, which is when we leave them too long in one diaper. Your baby’s skin needs to get enough air. Babies love that diaper off some time anyway!

Diaper rash is the general term for any skin irritation that develops in the diaper area. During their teething period, your little one can develop allergic reactions to skin infections.

  • Eczema

Eczema is another very common childhood rash. It may be caused by allergies, or skin sensitivities to food, laundry, detergent, types of fabric, or other irritants. My grandchild suffers from eczema, my heart is bleeding for him, I feel his pain, especially if he wakes up in the middle of the night and starts scratching himself till he cries.

Baby With Allergy

Like many things, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel! Most babies who develop eczema in the first few months of life, outgrow it, by the time they begin school at age 4-5.

  • Rashes also develop while your baby has a flu

Many other things can cause a rash in babies and children, and they often have nothing to worry about.  When your baby has a cold, they can develop a fever and a bright red rash on both cheeks, and the body. It usually clears up within a week. If your baby needs a doctor, please do not hesitate.

Tips And Treatment For Diaper Rash

Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Natural Origin Diaper Rash OintmentDiaper Rash Cream

1. The first and best treatment for diaper rash is to keep your baby’s skin as clean and dry as possible. Poor little “things” The worst part is they can’t even tell us when they feel uncomfortable in that diaper!

2. If you see you can’t treat your baby’s rash at home, please see a doctor, especially when they develop a fever. Your doctor may prescribe a cream for your baby’s rash and medication for the fever.

3. Never use creams or ointments with steroids, without your doctor’s permission, it can lead to additional problems. Change your baby’s diaper during the night to avoid more damage to their sensitive skin.

4. Little babies become so excited when you take the diaper off! I’m sure all moms noticed that all the time! Leave them for a short period of time without a diaper.

5. Avoid plastic pants and diaper covers. Use larger diapers, until the rash goes away. If the rash is mild, you can get some paste, cream, or ointment at the nearest pharmacy. Talk to your Pharmacist for specific recommendations.

There are many more, lets have a look at some common rashes in babies:

Different Types of Rashes In Babies

Baby Rash

1. Scarlet Fever, causes a pink-red rash, which feels like sandpaper and looks like sunburn.

 2. Measles usually started with a fever, and after a few days, a red-brown rash appears on the head or neck and spreads to the rest of the body. If you think your baby has measles, call your doctor immediately.

 3. Itchy Round Rash, This can be ringworm. I’m sure we all are familiar with it. If you think it’s getting worse, seek medical help. We don’t want to see our little ones in pain! A doctor told me ones when your baby has a high fever, try your very best to get it low while on your way to the GP. High fever in babies is dangerous!

 4. Rash Caused By Sweat, Heat and sweat can cause small red spots, known as pricey heat or heat rash. It Itches so you may notice when your baby scratches. It should clear up without treatment, but make sure your baby is comfortable.

 5. Rash Without Fever Or Itching, You will see white spots on your baby’s skin, especially on the face when they are a few days old, they usually clear up as well, but always keep an eye.

 6. Yellow Scally Patches on the scalp, It’s when a baby gets yellow greasy scaly patches on their scalp. It usually gets better in a few weeks, still, keep an eye! Gently wash your baby’s hair and scalp with baby shampoo to help prevent more patches.

Home Remedies And Tips

  • Changing your baby’s diaper often.
  • Switching diaper brands, washing powder, and fabric softener.
  • Always make sure the diaper is not too tight! You need them to be comfortable all the time and rash-free!
  • Let the area breathe, by leaving them sometimes without a diaper.
  • Get diaper cream, cream that contains zink oxide is recommended,  available at and it’s available in grocer shops and pharmacies. Keep the affected area dry all the time.Baby-Rash-Cream
  •  It’s best to avoid using baby wipes. Use scent-free soaps and water for diaper rash. Be gentle when you wash your baby, never scrub or rub the affected area. If you think your baby is allergic to certain foods, you should remove them from their diet.
  • Colloidal oatmeal seems to reduce the pain and itching that comes with a diaper rash, try an oatmeal bath. Causes for common irritants in the diaper areas are Urine, feces, diapers, soaps, scents, and chemicals in diapers or wipes.

When Should You See A Doctor?

Mother’s instincts are the best! They know their baby, they will definitely know when to act! When your baby has any of the following symptoms, while having any rash, you should seek medical attention immediately.

  • Blisters
  • Fever
  • When rash doesn’t clear after a while
  • Swelling
  • A rash with fluid or pus

When all the above is over, our little angels can enjoy health and comfort again!

A Comfortable Baby Is A Happy Baby


Remember, you are not alone, whenever you feel your baby needs medical care, do not hesitate. Sometimes home remedies are not the answer. Parents should know the difference between when to go to the doctor and when not.

In the end, all we want is only the best for our little ones. Keep them comfortable and happy. Lots of love and a clean diaper does the job! When you meet your baby’s basic needs, by responding to their cries, feeding them, changing their diapers, and putting them to sleep, they will be happy, and you too!

I hope you enjoyed reading my article. Feel free to contact me I would love to hear from you.


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  1. Can I just talk about cute baby pictures in this article. Babies are so adorable hence it easily breaks your heart when they are not well. Rash is one of those things that can frustrate the baby and the mother. I agree with your recommendations in here , we should do whatever it takes to ensure that our beauties are rash free.

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