Family -TripAre you gearing up for a family road trip? Whether you travel by bus, train, car, or airplane it’s always an exciting experience! Everybody loves a getaway. Mom and dad already applied for leave at work, because the family is going on holiday!

Traveling though is not just jumping in the car and go! No, if you travel with babies and toddlers you need a lot of gear to make your family trip a truly enjoyable one.

Remember to make a list of all the accessories you need, to ensure you don’t forget anything. When I pack my staff, I tick it from the list, to make 100% sure everything is in!

I’m sure it happens to many of us, that when you arrive at your destiny, you realize that you have forgotten something! Most of the time it’s, for example, your toothbrush, toothpaste, or even underwear! Luckily you can buy it in any shop.

On the other side, most of your travel gear is not something you can buy at the nearest shop! That’s why you’ll have to double-check that everything is packed. Let’s have a look at the necessary gears you need for traveling with your little ones.

Travel Documents

Travel-DocumentsTravel documents are important because they allow you to both enter a foreign country, and more importantly, re-enter your home country.

Without the proper travel documents, you will end up not being able to leave your home country or even worse! You could be trapped in another country until you get replacement documents.

Imagine you arrive at customs with the wrong or not all your documents a crying baby and your toddlers, which can be a handful! Make a list. If you not sure which documents you need to travel with, make a few calls, it is very important!

Baby Bottles

It should be the first on the list, a hungry and crying baby makes everybody nervous. When your baby wants to eat, Baby needs to eat now! Everybody knows what happens when they are hungry.

To avoid your baby from being unhappy, make sure the bottle, formula, and baby food are packed! Don’t forget to pack a bottle brush and a natural dish soap to clean the bottles. Always make sure your baby’s bottle is clean, before feeding.

Travel Snack Pouches

With toddlers in the car, there must be enough snacks to chew on. Remember to pack enough goodies for the hungry tummies. Pack food that is easy to access in the car.

Keep hand sanitizers and wet wipes handy for those little dirty hands and mouths. In the process, you also teach your little ones to be hygienic. Avoid foods that can upset their tummies.

It might be a very good idea to cover your car seats with an extra cover, perhaps an easy to wash cover, to avoid your car seats from getting dirty and stained. Just think about that little chocolate hands!

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is an absolute must-have when traveling with your baby. It should have sufficient space for your child’s needs. A proper bag should keep your baby’s bottles warm.B07ZVGW98X

To keep your baby’s diapers, wipes, powder, diaper covers, etc, in one bag will be much easier for you to reach, it will keep the car neat, and your baby’s diapers clean.

Whenever you stop for diaper changing, you got everything in one bag. It will be easy to carry the bag and the baby. Also, make sure you got an extra bag for dirty diapers or clothing.

A back seat organizer can be very useful as well. To keep the car clean and neat, you may need it for storing some books, cups, and a lot more things.

Portable Diaper PadDiaper-Pad

When changing your baby’s diaper you might need a diaper pad, especially if you stop somewhere, and there is no bathroom changing table available.

If you have enough space in the car, you can change your baby’s diaper there! And, if you have a diaper pad handy, it will be very convenient for you and your little baby or toddler.

Baby Carrier


A baby carrier is another convenient baby gear. It makes your quick shops much easier and hands-free! It gives you space to do something else, like for example going for a pee!

It also gives you a lot of space, you can give your other children attention while carrying your baby.

First Aid Kit

First Aid -KitI personally think that this is one of the most important things to have when traveling. Especially with toddlers, a plaster can fix a few tears! Sometimes it’s just a little scratch, and plaster can do miracles for your little one.

Accessing medical care during travel can prove challenging in some countries, it is, therefore, advisable to carry appropriate first aid kits.

A good first aid kit, can help you self-manage basic problems and help avoid buying potentially dangerous medications abroad.

Baby Travel Beds Or Cribs

If there is somebody who needs a decent place to sleep, it will definitely be B07N3CB6X3your little baby. A portable crib or bed will do the thing. It is foldable, easy to pack, doesn’t take much space, and very important.

An easy to assemble travel crib is worth it for parents, for the one minute set-up time. For safety reasons, it is very important that a portable crib or baby bed, have proper venting and breathable fabric

Baby Car Seat

For your baby’s safety, a car seat is recommended when going on a road trip.

The safest place for your little one’s car seat is the back seat away from active airbags.

Placing your baby’s car seat in the front seat can cause a serious or fatal injury to your child when the airbag inflates.

Parents should never travel with a baby in your lab! This is very dangerous.

Baby Monitor

Although not essential, but it can be very helpful in the car. Parents can be more relaxed knowing that they can watch their little ones on a video camera monitor.

Mom can have a little nap, knowing that soon anyone wakes up on the back seat, the baby monitor will alert her. Baby monitors can be a little expensive, but the right one is worth it, and last very long.

Safe And Peaceful Traveling

Safety is one of the major concerns, for most people when traveling. We all want a family vacation to be memorable, to bring back fond and fuzzy memories of our experiences.Road-Trip

A relaxing safe tropical vacation usually means nothing than reading a good book or playing on the beach with your family. When you return home and feel fresh after your vacation, you know that you had a good time. Family vacations are precious. We should make time for it while we can, It’s very important.

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