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Kids At Wedding

It is not always easy to take your little ones with you to a wedding ceremony, but leaving them at home with a sitter isn’t an option either. Yes, sometimes it looks like the easy way out, but it is also important to absolutely include your children.

I suggest you take them with you, we should show our love and affection to our kids from day one. They need to experience this world and everything in it with their parents.

Anyway, you will enjoy your party better, knowing your sweethearts are safe with you. After all, mom and dad’s eyes and ears are the best monitors ever! It is also nice for them to be with their parents.

Well, I guess it is time for mom to dress them up for the ceremony!

So, What Should Your Toddler Wear To A Wedding Ceremony

Firstly, they need to be absolutely comfortable. If your child is not happy, you won’t be happy too! With tight and oversize clothing, any kid will be miserable.

It is also very important to dress them accordingly to the weather. Cool clothes when it’s hot, and warm clothes when it’s cold! Choose light and easy and also smart clothes to wear.

Boys-SuitMake sure when they go to the bathroom, It won’t be difficult to undress. Always take your little ones to the bathroom yourself! Their health and safety always come first.

Unless the bride decides on the dress code, and you can avoid a suit, it will be much more comfortable if your little boy dresses in dark pants and a colored t-shirt. (It also keeps them clean for longer!) Oh Yes, don’t forget the little bow tie! If your little boy wears long pants, make sure it is not too long over the feet, or too tight.

Girl’s dresses should not be too long either, especially if theLittle-Girls-Dress
venue got stairs. They can wear ballet length( above the ankle) For a little girl, a fluffy colorful dress and tights are appropriate. Try the clothes on a few days before the ceremony, make sure everything fits.

Kids grow fast. It is better if it is a little bigger than too small. An uncomfortable kid is an unhappy one! Sometimes they cannot wear what you want them to! No matter how adorable they might look in an outfit, it won’t do the trick if they are not comfortable!

Avoid Synthetic fabrics that may irritate especially when they start sweating after playing. The best is to don’t buy any new shoes for them, we all know what new shoes can do to your feet, save your baby that pain, please.

Toddlers won’t even notice if their shoes are not new! After a nice polish the shoes can look brand new again! Uncomfortable clothes and shoes can make your little toddler unhappy, and can negatively impact their attitude and manners on such a formal occasion. Always take extra clothes with you to the venue, they might need them, accidents happen!

Can Little Boys Wear Jeans To A Wedding?


It depends on where the wedding is and how glamorous and formal it is. Otherwise, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It suits some parents’ budgets. A new pair of black jeans can look glamorous as well! And is affordable.

Although many people find it inappropriate for a wedding, I think little boys can wear it. A pair of jeans you can often wear after the wedding again, while the fancy pants go straight to the closet, for the next occasion, and by then it will be probably too small!

Should Little Girls Wear White To A Wedding?

Toddler Go To A WeddingTraditionally white and ivory should be left for the bride. If the bride doesn’t have any problems with little girls in white dresses, then it is fine.

Kids can get away with a white dress, while white for an adult female is often a no-go! If the bride feels they should wear another color dress, then you should respect her wishes.

It is her big day, after all, nobody wants to spoil the bride’s special day! Dress your kid accordingly to their age. They are children, they still need to play. Imagine how uncomfortable your little kid can be with shoes too high or pants too tight!

Ways To Keep Your Child Busy At The Party

Snacks for KidsLittle kids can often find wedding ceremonies long and dull, and dinner receptions super boring! Well, what do we expect? They are just toddlers!

Keep Them Busy:
Organize childcare so parents can enjoy the party.

If you are a guest at a wedding party with kids, you certainly want to be able to have a good time! Childcare is the best and safe option.

Give them treats

Wedding food is rarely kid-friendly. Give them their own separate table with the food they like. Let them choose the sweets they want(not too much) Healthy food like mixed fruit is the best!

Create a craft room

Art And CraftArts and crafts are loads of fun for your little one. These activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence.

They love it, and it will keep them busy for hours, while mom and dad enjoy the party. Cover a table with paper, give them some coloring pencils and let them enjoy themselves, while a sitter looks after them.

Prepare kids-friendly music

Set up a “kids only” time on the dance floor, and let them enjoy themselves before the adults join. Imagine the Fun!Dancing Toddlers

Set up a quiet room in case they want to sleep

Little ones need their nap at times. Doesn’t matter where they are, If they want to sleep, they need to sleep. A quiet room for those times is highly recommended. The help of a babysitter is a great idea. They can keep an eye over your sleeping children, while you enjoy yourself. Your baby’s health and safety are priority number one!

Bottom Line

When kids are dressed comfortably and like the food and entertainment, theyLittle-Girl should be the happiest tiny guest at a wedding party!

Knowing mom and dad are also there, makes them even happier! The love and care from parents are very important for a kid because where there is love, there is happiness!

Thank you very much for reading my article, I hope you really enjoyed it! Please leave a reply and I’ll gladly reply to you.

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