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Making a mess is also part of learning how to eat. Try to take the spoon or fork away from your toddler who is learning to eat independently, and you going to have instant “war”! I’m sure every parent knows and experienced that many times!

Squeezing and dropping food might seem messy, but it’s one of the ways your child develops fine motor skills like learning to hold a spoon. It’s normal for your tiny tots to want to feed Toddler-Eating-Snacksthemselves and it’s great to encourage this.

Soon your baby grows older, you may introduce them to a snack cup. Snack cups I believe can become both mom and baby’s best friend! Children love snacking all day long.

That’s exactly why it’s important to have a stash of healthy snacks and accompanying containers on hand. Where ever you go, these cups will always be a winner, and handy if you have toddlers. These portable snack cups independent toddlers to self-feed them with a lot less mess.

Let’s have a look at some great snack cups for toddlers

Munchkin Snack Catcher

Munchkin’s best-selling Snack Catcher to the rescue! This awesome spill-proof toddler container with soft flaps( those flaps help prevent food spills all over the house and car!) for easy food access fits most standard cup holders in cars and strollers. It is great to use at home, your baby’s daycare, or just for quick walks in the park or at the beach.

This handy snack container is dishwasher safe comes in beautiful colors and is ideal for toddlers 12 months and over. Each spill-proof snack catcher cup has two handles designed for even the tiniest hands to grasp easily, and a non-slip rubber bottom to keep it in place in the high chair, or during lunchtime at school.

This incredible cup is a must-have for toddlers on the move or at home. The cup itself is made of semi-hard plastic and the lid is a rubber-like material. This very soft and flexible material won’t hurt your little one’s fingers. It is safe for your little baby’s hands and long-lasting!

2-in-1 Snack Cup

Versatile and very toddler-friendly, another great product! The 2 in1 snack cup and spill-proof cup with a spill-proof silicone straw, prevent leaks and the soft flaps provide easy access to snacks without a mess. This incredible product is made from food-grade silicone material. It is safe and durable.

The sippy cup is specially designed for toddlers and has nice easy-grip handles and a sturdy base. It is made with durable, unbreakable, and heat-resistant silicone.

The material is gentle for toddler gums even when they teething. The 2 in one snack cup is easy to clean, and is microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe!

Skip Hop ContainerSnack-Cup

I just love this cute little cup! Perfect for toting munchies! An awesome mess-free snack cup with a flexible opening and snap-top lid for freshness. The flexible inside opening keeps snacks from spilling out, even if it’s tipped over!

It also has a screw-off top for easy cleaning and comfortable easy-grip handles for those tiny hands. Like most of them, the skip hop baby snack container is dishwasher safe, and there is more the cup is clear for you to see when a refill is needed! This awesome product is BPA-free, PVC-free & Phthalate-free.

Silicone Snack Container

We all want the best quality for our babies. You can rely on this incredible product made of tasteless silicone. This silicone snack container for toddlers is tough and durable, definitely not easy to wear and tear.

With its two grips, it makes it easy for your little one to handle it and take out snacks from it. Toddlers love to do little things independently, that’s why they will love this special cup!

With its star-shaped opening design, your baby’s hand will easily go in and out to grab his or her delicious bites! These snack cups are spillproof. Snacks will not fall out even if the cup stands upside down and your little one can enjoy a snack mess-free anytime and anywhere with this lightweight snack cup. These two pieces of silicone snack containers are easy to clean with warm water and soap and it’s also dishwasher safe.

Ubbi TweatSnack-Cup

These ubbi tweat snack cups are adorable and fun and it also works great! The easy-grip handle on the snack cup is sized just right for your baby’s little hands. That lid also makes this very portable, you definitely don’t need to worry about anything falling out. This great kid-friendly cup is absolutely a great choice for your little one! Get these special snack cups for your toddler and put a smile on his or her face!

OXO Tot Flippy  Cup

Your little one is going to enjoy this gorgeous oxo flippy snack cup! It is soft comfortable and the flaps provide easy access to the snacks. The lid screws on securely so it won’t pop off if your little one drops it and the top opens wide enough for the baby’s hand to reach all the delicious snacks in there. It has easy-carry handles for those tiny hands. It also has a weighted base that helps prevent spills. Such an adorable little cup! Definitely a great choice for your baby.

melii Animal Snack Containers

These beautiful animal-designed snack containers are ideal for toddlers age 3 and older. Its airtight and leakproof lid keeps snacks fresh and in place and prevents messes. These durable and lightweight cups are a great treat for your toddler.

The Importance Of Healthy Snacks For Your Kid

Healthy, well-timed snacks can help balance out an uneven diet, tiding toddlers over between meals and keeping them from getting so hungry that they become cranky.

Try these  appropriate food, for a healthier and happy toddler

  • fresh fruit thinly sliced or cut into small pieces
  • whole-grain crackers and mini-muffins
  • cheese cut into thin slices or shredded
  • low-sugar, whole-grain breakfast cereals

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