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Baby-SNOOGreat health for both you and your baby with SNOO

When you hear the word smart you immediately think about comfort, intelligence, bright, neat, impressively, or simply “cool” like I would have described it in one word! Well, SNOO smart sleepers are really “cool”.

They look great and they are indeed worth every penny and worth it to many parents. SNOO can be used immediately after birth until about 6 months of age or until your baby can pull himself up.

What Is A SNOO Smart Sleeper?

Baby-SNOOIt is a responsive bassinet that responds to your baby’s fascines during the night, with motion and sound to help make them warm and keep them calm and happy. It also boosts sleep for both you and your baby.  SNOO is the world’s number one smartest and safest baby bed and was created by pediatrician” Dr. Harvey Karp.” 

It helped parents to learn their children’s sleep patterns and needs so they could support them in every regression and transition they had way past bassinet life.

The SNOO comes with everything you need for immediate use:

  • 1 SNOO Bed 
  • 3 Organic Cotton SNOO Sacks
  • An Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet
  • 4 Legs
  • Mattress
  • Power Adapter
  • Power Cable Holder
  • Owner’s Manual.

The legs pretty easily snap/pop into place then screw down. Once you have everything out of the box it only takes about 5 minutes to put together.

The sacks and sheets are certified organic. You may also purchase additional accessories for the SNOO, there are a lot to choose from to enhance your use of this awesome bassinet.

How To Use The SNOO

1. Snoo is full of tech, from top to bottom. It has three microphones, a speaker, and two motors that create different rocking motions.
To start, make sure that your baby is safely swaddled in the SNOO sack. It has a 2-way zipper so you can safely swaddle your baby.

3. Take the two wings on the side, which has these elastic loops, then attach the hooks inside the bassinet to make sure that they are safely on their back.

4. Then you lay your baby in, make sure the baby’s feet facing the on button. And then you put the elastic loops through the hook to ensure that your baby won’t roll over in the middle of the night. Please make sure they are nice and secure.

5. When you are done, you can put the SNOO button on or you can use the app to adjust the SNOO. Many parents prefer using this app on their smartphones. For some, it is much more easier and comfortable. See the levels on the app next. The App can be downloaded by visiting the “Apple App Store or Google Play.” 

 SNOO Has Four Different Levels

The baseline is blue with low noise and gentle rocking.

1. Purple Level – This level has the same noise but a little more motion.

2. Green Level – On this level, there is more noise, and the motion increase.

3. Yellow Level The sound becomes a little bit louder and the motion increases.

4. Red Level – This time it sounds like a heartbeat noise, but it is very comforting and relaxing for a baby.

The SNOO app is amazing! It is definitely the smartphone companion to the incredible Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper. It automatically tracks your baby’s sleep every day. You can rely solely on the physical button on the base of the crib to stop or change the motion, but you’ll get a lot more customization options from the app.

If your baby is crying while the SNOO is on the base level for example. You can change to another level, on your smartphone from the comfort of your own bed!

If your baby cries through all four levels, the SNOO will automatically switch off and send you a notification alerting you that your baby is hungry or needs attention.

What a great system! You can also lock it on a certain level to make sure it does not go to the next level, especially with newborns.

To lock Hold down pause for 5 seconds, the little lock will come up and the SNOO won’t go above or below that level.

To unlock it  Just press pause or up and down and it will go back to the normal mode.

Why Do Parents Love The SNOO?

Remember this miracle wonder is not going to replace you as a parent? At least it can keep you in bed for as long as possible! Anyone probably gives just about anything for a few more hours of sleep.

With newborns, you can lose a lot of sleep at night. SNOO can help you get more sleep, those extra hours of sleep can make a lot of difference. Do you know how valuable sleep is to both you and your baby’s physical and mental health? I’m sure parents know that. That’s why they like SNOO.

It also gives you real peace of mind, knowing that your baby is sleeping safely on their back and swaddled. The bassinet is designed for your baby to sleep on their back. This miracle product is one of the safest bassinets you can buy.

Your baby never actually moves more than about a half-inch one way to the other on the flat surface. It’s not that much movement for them. It is really gentle rocking. SNOO rocks your baby and keeps your baby in the safest sleeping position available.

SNOO also naturally sleep trains your baby by teaching them healthy sleep habits. This product is great not only for your little angel’s health, safety, and happiness but also for yours too! It is definitely an extra pair of hands to help you get through the nights. It’s like a 24/7 babysitter!

If parents need information about the SNOO they can call customer service for any questions about the incredible SNOO. They will send you all sorts of helpful information.

Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.

Bottom Line

For the happiest baby, choose SNOO. The Snoo will almost without question save you time by helping your baby fall asleep.Happiest-Baby

It also helps you get more sleep by helping your baby sleep more, and make you feel like you’ve given your child the safest possible sleeping environment you can, which is a great feeling for any parent.

The 30-day risk-free guarantee, meaning if you don’t love the Snoo within the first 30 days of receiving it, you can return it for a full refund (they’ll even pay the shipping on the way back).

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