Any child needs a parent’s watchful eye over them. We can never leave our children alone or in the hands of unprofessional. We know what can happen in seconds. I’ve heard so many parents say¬† ‘I’ve just turned my head for a second!’

Well, many things can happen with an unattended child and unsafe toys! Avoid that, and be there for your little ones all the time, play with them if you have to, it will put a happy smile on their little faces.

Give your little child all the love and attention in the world, and they are the happiest and loving kids. With the right toy, they can sit and play for hours, it takes a little to make them happy.

Which Kind Of Toys Are Safe For My Child?

Stick to the simple and safe toys witch are also great for encouraging developmental milestones during your baby’s first few months after birth.

wax crayonsToddlers first coloring book. Honey Sticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons, Natural, Non-Toxic, Safe for kids! At $35.95

When shopping for toys for your little one, make sure you read the labels on the product. That is very important. The more natural the toys are the better and safer it is for your baby.

Look out for labels like ‘Made Safe’ It is one of the most comprehensive designations on the market. Made Safe has a comprehensive Baby&Child: product database.

There are millions and millions of different kinds of toys on the market, but we as the parents have to be aware of the fact that not all of them are safe for our little ones.

Most injuries from toys are minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises however, toys can cause serious injury or even death. Children should use them right and in the right way.Natural Wooden Toys

Make sure the toys and parts are not too small for your baby to put them in the mouth. Avoid toys that shoot objects in the air. Loud toys can damage a child’s hearing.

If you buy any plastic toy, make sure it is sturdy, (some plastic are very thin) and it doesn’t break easily. Toys made of toxic materials can cause poisoning, please avoid it by keeping it away from your little one! Buy natural toys instead.

Any hanging crib toy should be out of the baby’s reach and must be removed when your baby begins to push up on their hands and knees, and start pulling these toys on them.

Toys should have labels on, labels should read Non-Toxic. Make sure you don’t buy toys that can cause suffocation or strangulation! Your child’s safety is very important!

Toys that lack certification, helps to familiarize yourself with ingredients known to cause harm. Scientists uncover new information, about the chemicals we’re exposed to and their potential links to illness.

Choose The Right Toy For The Right Age

A little child should never play with toys meant for older kids. Age recommendations on toys can be very helpful because they offer guidelines on the following.

1. The Safety of a toy.

2. The ability of a child to play with the toy.

3. The ability of a child to understand how to use a toy.

4. The needs and interests at various levels of a child’s development.Wooden -Toy

Parents should be aware all the time of the age restriction on toys. Always protect your child, because some toys can be very dangerous to your little one.

Keep toys with small or loose magnets or parts away from them. Monitor the toy first before you give it to your baby to play. They can easily swallow small parts, which can be dangerous.

Even if your child seems advanced compared with other kids the same age, They shouldn’t use toys that are meant for older kids. The age levels for toys are determined by safety factors, not intelligence or maturity.

Age-appropriate learning is all about adapting to a child’s level of understanding, identifying the readiness of a child to learn, and then following the best-suited method of teaching.

If the toy is determined to be developmentally appropriate for children up to 5 years of age, then the toy must bear the safety warning “Warning: Choking Hazard-small parts.”

Which Toys Can I Give My Toddler As A Gift?

Finding the best gifts for toddlers is not an easy task, but it can also be a lot of fun! When they become older, means they become older, and they actually start playing with toys now! And you can play with them! Isn’t that sweet?

Toddlers start to know also what they want, they do have opinions now, a lot of them! We all know what happens if they want something and can’t get it!

Here are some gifts you can think of for their next birthday party.

Mega- Blocks

1. Colorful building blocks, large and safe enough for your toddler. Available at

2. Nice books, with their favorite cartoon characters in it!

3. A folding wagon with a canopy, they would love to be pulled in around.

4. Baking Playsets, little girls will be enjoying baking cookies as mom does!

5. Buckets and spades, all-time favorite! Ideal for on the beach, little ones love to play in the sand and the water off cause!

6. Huge beach balls. Running after these big balls give them a lot of exercises and a good night’s sleep afterward!Bucket and Spade

7. Little shopping cart, It should be a lot of fun doing shopping filling and unpacking cart, just like mom and dad at the store!

8. Potty. Potty training time will be the perfect time for a potty as a gift. Get one (if possible) looking like their favorite animal or cartoon contactor.

9. Little girls love soft toys, like a talking and singing doll. Remember to keep soft toys and blankets away from your child when they are sleeping. Never leave your little one unattended.

Little People, Big Love and Joy

Toys impacts cognitive development, social and emotional development as well as language development. Your kid’s behavior depends on which toys they play with.

If their toys encourage aggression, they might play more aggressively. Know your child’s needs and what keeps them calm, loveable, and relaxed.Family -Trip

Keep your children healthy and happy, by giving them the right toys and tons of love! A happy and healthy child is all any parent wants. Enjoy life with your children, we only have one life.

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