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Wooden blocks are extremely versatile play resources

Wooden-ToysPlay improves communication, when children participate in role-play, they copy and practice the words they have heard others saying, which ultimately develops their vocabulary and language skills. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them.

Playing is great for children. It allows them to use their creativity while developing their imagination, physical, and emotional strength.

Play also stimulates early brain development and improves intelligence and very importantly it teaches our kids valuable life lessons.

I want you to introduce your child to a toy that is great for improving gross motor skills, while they have fun playing! Large wooden blocks offer endless learning opportunities for our children.

Parents should try to spend at least 5-10 minutes each day playing with their kids. It is a special time to focus on their good behaviors and build a strong, nurturing relationship.

Let’s have a look at some awesome building wooden blocks.

Wooden Blocks for Toddlers

This awesome colorful wooden blocks with printed animal patterns on each block can put a smile on every little kid’s face.

The blocks also come in different shapes. Abundant colors like red, yellow, blue, orange, and green will definitely amaze these little kids!

And that’s not all! The blocks come in various shapes, and a wooden frame to keep all the blocks perfectly together. By packing away their blocks themselves after each game will allow them to develop good habits. It also learn children to be neat and tidy.

These blocks are definitely something your child should have in their toy box. They can build towers, animals and many more! It is easy for toddlers to pick it up and down because it has a comfortable grip. Suitable for children 3 years and older.

HahaGift Dinosaur Toys

This amazing animal balance game has a cute dinosaur shape. Children will love it! Children tend to be crazy about animal-shaped and colorful toys. I’m sure many parents will be agreed with me. The water paint used for these blocks is safe and non-toxic.

The wooden stacking game requires great patience when playing. This precious toy is designed to train children’s concentration, thinking skills, logic, hands-on skills, and to improve their emotional control and pressure resistance through the process of play. This can make a perfect gift for a toddler 2 to 5 years old. Come on parents, let’s test their patience!

Lewo Large Wooden Blocks

Ever seen a child who does not enjoy building blocks? No, I can’t think of anyone. Even the simplest set of blocks contains the seeds of imagination, creation, and destruction. It is one of the best toys for our children.

The 32 piece, hardwood, building block set, comes with a carry bag, and a box. This high-quality and non-toxic material is ideal for little kids with all the adorable assorted colors!

The block size is big enough for those tiny hands, no need to worry about choking hazards. Imagine all the things they can start building! A set of wooden blocks can be a great resource to play with as they can be used for multiple play activities.

You can also encourage them to knock the blocks down so they can start over. I’m sure it will be endless fun for them! This toy is suitable for 3 years and older.

Melissa & Doug Blocks Set

Another great educational fun toy! This 100 pieces of wooden block set come in four different colors and nine shapes! only reading this makes me exiting! Imagine the faces of your children, priceless! It can keep them busy for hours, and while they play they also learn!

This incredible set of blocks is made of solid wood, its light in weight with round edges which make it very safe for our children.

If you wondering about a gift idea for a friend’s toddler, from 3 years and older? Then look no further! You are on the right page, just click on the link and make your toddler the happiest!

Oaktown Supply Wooden Blocks

The 36 piece ABC stack-up blocks are great educational fun for your baby! That’s not all! It has 216 beautifully designed sides with unique letters, numbers, pictures, and shape icons to learn from and they are non-toxic too! Great entertainment for your little one and will keep them busy for hours!

This is a perfect gift for a birthday kid. Suitable for Babies from one year and older. Toddlers are becoming aware of the function of objects. They like to stack blocks.

Your toddler also will begin to differentiate colors and shapes. So choose toys that are bright, colorful, and fun for little hands to hold like the Oaktown wooden blocks.

Different shaped blocks challenge hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Remember to sit side-by-side with your kids and build blocks or any other activity you give them the attention they need to build their self-esteem and feel loved and secure. A happy child is more relaxed, learns more, and stays healthy and safe!

Melissa & Doug  Solid-Wood Building Blocks

Give this 60 piece, natural-finished, smooth-sanded hardwood building blocks a place in your 3-year-old toddler’s playroom. These building blocks are designed to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in all children. kids who can imagine the possibilities become grown-ups who can make their dreams a reality!

It’s going to light up the playroom room and the face of your child too! It also comes with a nice wooden crate for easy storage. Your toddler will love to pack and unpack this crate, every minute with these high-quality blocks is endless fun for them! It can be a great gift idea for a toddler’s birthday.

Research shows play promotes self-confidence, social and cognitive skills, resilience, and more. Melissa & Doug is proudly partnering with the “American Academy of Pediatrics” to foster early brain development and help children build important life skills through play. Click on the link to view this product.

Did You Know?Baby-Playing

1. A child begins to find out who they are through play.

2. The use of educational toys can help children learn many different skills they will need in their life.

3. Children can start benefiting from educational toys as early as one month old.

4. At an early age, sensory play helps stimulate your child’s senses.

5. Introducing the right toys to them will help to teach balance and coordination and will increase your child’s curiosity with their newfound mobility.

6. Incorporating play in your child’s day can be both fun and beneficial to their growth. And there are many more.

Baby-PlayingThank you very much for reading my article, let me know if you enjoyed it. Feel free to contact me, and if you found that gift for your toddler! I will definitely reply to you back.

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