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Does your toddler wake up too early, or go to bed too late?

Sleep is very important for a child, it helps them grow strong and healthy. But how can I help them get the best sleep training and know what works best for them?

You can do several things to establish a bedtime routine to ensure that your toddler gets enough sleep. But where do you start? Many parents ask these questions all the time.

The Gro-clock uses fun images of the stars and sun to help your little ones learn when it’s time to rise and shine and when it’s time to go back to sleep! Find out more about this incredible clock.

The Amazing Award-Winning Gro-Clock!

  • Shows wake-up time
  • Has a simple menu
  • Is a digital clock
  • Includes a special bedtime storybook
  • The stars go out one by one to show time passing

The gro-clock is an amazing sleep trainer for young children. This clock can help your child understand when it’s time to sleep, and when it’s time to play.

This awesome clock has 2 lovely big bright faces. A yellow sun that shows through the day and throughout the night the Gro-clock will show its moon screen and the stars will countdown to the time you have set for the sun to come up.

It’s really a basic concept that kids can understand because they don’t have to tell the time. The clock is yellow during the day to let them know that it is morning time, and they can get out of bed, and when it’s blue it lets them know that it is nighttime, which means they have to go to bed! For many parents, the results have been pretty good!

The gro-clock comes with, a power lead and a free storybook called Sleepy farm

About The ‘Sleepy Farm’

This is a very lovely bedtime read. The ‘Sleepy farm’ is about a farm and it talks about the sun and the stars, you actually lay the foundations for what you try to do.

It explains how all the animals on the farm need to go to sleep, so they have lots of energy the next day to get up and play again. ‘Sleepy Farm’  helps encourage children to stay in bed longer.

How to Use The Gro-Clock

1. Plug in your gro-clock, using the lead

Now you need to set the clock’s setting time.

  • Press the top semicircle button, which will take you to a menu. You’ll seeGro-Clock a flashing clock, a flushing star, a sun, a little bell, and a light bulb.
  • Press the enter button and you’ll see the clock setting, which is for the current time.
  • Press the enter button again, You now go to use the up and down buttons to adjust the time setting for the hours.
  • When done, press the enter button again which will take you to the minutes, and again adjust the minutes that you require to what your current time is.
  • Press the enter button again, remember to set am or pm by using the up and down buttons.
  • Press the enter button again and it will come up with on and if you press the down button, it will say off. Now leave it on the ‘on’ setting.
  • Press the enter button again, and it will take you back to the flushing menu, with your current time set.

How To Set The Two Wake-Up Times.

1. The wake-up time in the morning

  • Go Back to the menu
  • Press the enter button, and then the down button once which will take you to a flashing star. This will be your morning wake-up time. Adjust the hour you want the clock to be, by using the up and down buttons. Don’t forget to select am to wake up in the morning!

2. The Afternoon nap-time

  • Press the enter button, and the clock icon will flash immediately.
  • Press the down button twice, and you’ll see the sunshine icon, press enter button again to change the time(hours, minutes). Again remember to set am or pm.

Set the alarm

Press the enter button, and then the down button to get you to the bell icon. Enter the time you want the bell to ring.

Set the brightness settings

The brightness settings go from 0-10. Simply use the up and down buttons again to adjust the brightness that you want. If your child likes to sleep in a dark room and wants the blue light off, set it to zero -zero. That means you will still see the sun in the morning, but you won’t see the stars counting down at night.

Adjust the brightness settings

You can press enter again to go back to the main menu. Press the down button and you’ll get the plain screen with just the digital clock on it.

Activate the clock at night

Press the down button once and the sunshine will come up with a flashing star. That means you are going to activate the morning wake-up time.

Activate the afternoon nap-time

To do that, press the down button once more and you’ll get the sunshine with a flashing sun for your afternoon nap-time.

Once selected the alarm you want, you just press the enter button once, and you’ll see the sun wink and transition in Mr. Star. During the night those stars will gradually count down until you get to your desired wake-up time.

You should see the sun in the morning. The sun will come up for about an hour and then it will go in energy-saving mode, which is a plain screen with a digital clock, isn’t that awesome!

Set the key-lock feature on the gro-clock

  • Use when the clock is activated
  • Select the alarm that you want
  • Press the enter button, the gro-clock will go to sleep and the stars will come out.
  • Hold the down button for a few seconds to activate the key lock feature until a cross appears. When the key lock is on, your little one won’t be able to fiddle with the buttons. It will deactivate once the clock wakes you up in the morning. To deactivate it manually, press the down button for a few seconds till it beeps then the key lock feature is off.

Who can use the Gro-clock?


The gro-clock is suitable for children from 2 years and up. This incredible clock is helpful to resolves late nights and early mornings.

This product is amazing, you have to be constant, teach them this is what it is used for and how it works. Many parents recommended it.

Soon your little one knows the clock, you will definitely have a more relaxed and peaceful child.

If you tell your little one after taking them back to bed in the morning that the clock’s light is still blue, they might fuss a little and won’t lay down again, but when you tell him, there’s only one star left and then you can come and see mommy and daddy! Imagine the happy face! You might even count down that last star with him!

Thank you so much for reading my article, I hope you’ll found it helpful. Please leave a reply and I will get back to you.

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