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Little busy bees!

Toddler-PlayingWhile you worry that your child may never learn to sit still when it matters like in church or classroom, their boundless energy is normal for a toddler. The reality is that most children this age are just little busy bees!

They’re learning new skills every day! My mom uses to say a child who sits in the corner all day is not healthy. Well, I agree! These angels got loads of energy!

Just watching your toddler can be exhausting! At least we can be happy if they are so busy, it just assures you that your baby is happy and healthy. To know your baby is fine makes every mother happy.

Instead of walking them to the park, or just leaving them with a doll or any other toy, there are many indoor toddler activities to have at home. Some of the simple learning activities for toddlers at home, entertain them while aiding their development. Dr. Angela Mattke, a Mayo Clinic pediatrician, agrees that playtime is important for good health.

Indoor activities are great to have on hand for any age but toddlers especially seem to get antsy and need some extra hands-on attention. Let’s look at some activities for toddlers at home!  Let’s look at some activities for toddlers at home!

How Can I Keep My Toddler Active At Home? 

Let’s have a look…

1. Ball Activities

Child Playing

This may sound simple, but if you have the space to play with a ball inside or in the garage, go for it!

It can be fun. If you have little space, find other ways to have fun with a ball. Toddlers love to run after a ball!

little boys and even girls as well, like to kick the ball. Daddy can play soccer with his little boy. Mom can play ‘roll the ball’ from one to another with her little girl.

Little ones love to spend time with their parents. Fill and pour the Balls! Toddlers will love this game!

They load up the ball catchers with balls and then dump them out! This can keep them busy for quite a while, especially if mom or dad join the game!

Toddler ball tube, check this one out! Toddlers will love playing with this simple ball tube. This is a piece of 3 inch PVC pipe and a 90 degree joint. Drop in the balls and watch them pop out the end!

Color Toss. Here’s another simple idea for toddlers! Label laundry baskets with construction paper to match the colors of your balls. Then your little one toss the balls into the matching basket! Let’s see if they know the colors! Awesome game!

Tip: If you don’t have a lot of those colored balls rolled-up socks work well too! Isn’t that a great idea! Wonderful ball game ideas! Teachers can even implement these ball games for their classrooms!

2. Hide Toys

An easy indoor activity for a toddler is to hide a toy somewhere in the house and ask your child to find it. Explore with him using cues like “warmer” and “colder” to guide them. You can also use flashlights for the search or hide several objects at one time. Hiding colorful toys and asking them to find a certain color, can be very challenging for them!

3. Dancing Games

Dance games keep the mind and bodies of kids engaged and help improve various skills. It is also an excellent way to work in some physical activity.

Toddlers are naturally inclined to love music and move their bodies along with it.

If mom and dad dance with them it is even more fun! Dance along with the kids and keep up with the energy.

4. Hide And Seek

Playing hide-and-seek is perfect for developing this key experience. There are many ways to play. You can either hide or have a child hide:

Under a table with a blanket draped over it. A perfect hiding place for them, and the first place for us(the parents) to look for them but pretend we don’t see them!

Under a blanket. Set several blankets on a floor and hide under them, your little one should have a lot of fun, wondering under which blanket mom are!

In a large box. Knowing that your toddler is in the box, but your walk around the box and pretend you don’t see him! imagine the fun and laughter!

Behind furniture items. Little ones like to hide behind furniture!

My grandkids love this game, hiding behind the door in mommy’s room, not knowing we see them in the mirror behind them! That was priceless!

5. Fun With Bubbles

Any Bubble Activities for Kids must of course start with the bubbles themselves.

Try out these most fun bubble recipes right now:
It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3.. you only need, water, dishwashing liquid, and glycerine.


Mix the 3 ingredients and let the fun begin! For more fun, let them do it! Show me a toddler who doesn’t like water!

How do you make a bubble snake blower?

  • Cut the bottom off a plastic drink bottle.
  • Pull a sock over the bottom of the bottle and secure it in place with an elastic band.
  • Dip the sock-covered bottle into your bubble mixture.
  • Blow through the top of the bottle. Have lots of fun making bubble snakes!

6. Building blocks 

Happy Baby

Playing with blocks helps children develop their vocabularies, improves math skills, and even teaches them about gravity, balance, and geometry.

The building is all about size, shape, weight, leverage, and balance, and as your child works this out, their building and block play will become more and more complex.

Block play promotes the development of spatial awareness and develops hand-eye coordination as children reach for, lift, move and build with blocks, strengthening their fingers, hands, and arms.

Soft blocks preferably made from fabric or plastic are ideal for babies while for toddlers a set of wooden blocks can be a great resource for play as they can be used for multiple play activities.

Choose a low-traffic area (to prevent accidental block knockdowns) to sit down with your child. Place the blocks in front of you and begin stacking them on top of each other.

You can encourage your child to knock the blocks down so you can start over. As your baby will grow more confident, they will initiate their own block towers.

Talk to your child while you play with the building blocks. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your toddler to words and spatial concepts like: “beside”, “behind”, “in front”, “underneath”. It will help them easily understand math concepts later on.

7. Learning Body Parts – Body Tracing

Little-GirlOne of the wonderful things about toddlers is they are developing independence and becoming more self-aware. They are able to use their bodies to accomplish an increasing number of skills.

Body tracing can be a great way to foster a connection with your child. Play this body parts game with a toddler: Ask him which body part helps him run, where is his hair, mouth, or ears! And wait for him to show you.

Then ask which one helps him talk, and pause for him to point out his mouth. If he needs a hint, point to the part and let him name it. After each right answer, mom will give him a sweet hug! Just imagine that happy little face!

As you repeat the names of each body part your tot is able to find, his body awareness will skyrocket along with his vocabulary, soon he’ll be able to say, “Knees, or arms!” instead of just identifying body parts by pointing. This will be fun for your child.

Playing And Learning Starts At Home

Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them.

Let your child know you believe in him or her. Tell your little one often that you believe in him or her. Play is an important part of a child’s early development.

Little-GirlPlaying helps young children’s brains to develop and for their language and communication skills to mature. Parents, daily opportunities for children to learn through play are engaging, essential, and meaningful!

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you found it helpful. I also hope you find these games interesting, would love to hear from you! Please leave a reply, I will gladly reply back to you.

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