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Get back the joy in you!

Parenthood is the single most important role any human will ever play in the life of a toddler. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that by simply living lives that are intentional and authentic. It is the greatest thing for parents to teach their children valuable lessons in love, empowerment, compassion, and humanity.

Yes, with parenthood comes a lack of sleep, vacation, and official sick days. But being a mom capture the fantastic benefits that also come with the “job.” Nothing else can produce the joy or broken heart that motherhood allows.

There are wonderful days when a parent feels her cup runneth over and want to run away! And days that you feel awful, tired, and helpless. But, your toddler can always bring joy back to those days!

Let’s look at a few encouragement tips for mom:

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

Taking time for self-care is paramount to being a healthy mom for your child and your family. Sleeping is one of the most important things for anyone. Start to adjust your sleep schedule.

Your toddlers’ sleep patterns are nothing like yours. They will wake up easily, and sleep for shorter periods. So what should you do? Perhaps you should try the following.

Make up for lost sleep


Sleeping a bit more on the weekends, say, two or three hours. Especially when everybody is at home to help to look after the little ones. It can be beneficial. But don’t let a little extra dozing turn into a sleep binge.

Catch a nap. 

The moment you see there is time for a nap, take it! If your baby isn’t on a regular nap schedule, take advantage of offers of help from friends and relatives. Let your mother hold and entertain the baby while you crash for a while.

Turn down the monitor

Most toddlers are capable of sleeping seven to eight hours at a stretch. Baby monitors pick up sounds that do not necessarily need your attention. It is unnecessary disturbing.

To encourage your baby to fall back to sleep on her own in the middle of the night (instead of crying for you), put her to bed while she’s still awake.

Weaning her from whatever strategies you’ve been using to soothe her to sleep (nursing or rocking, for instance) will teach her not to rely on these when she wakes up. This will help you get better sleep as well.

Take Care of Yourself

Take long walks in the park or on the beach! Explore nature! Go for a manicure and pedicure. I love going shopping! Buying something I like, makes me feel a lot better! Treat yourself! Why not?

Do you smoke? Stop it! It makes you sick and you smell bad anyway! Your toddler doesn’t want a sick mother and may inherit that bad smoking habit as well when growing up!

If you are chronically stressed or depressed, your body’s responsive hormones cause a cascade of negative effects that can make you feel awful all day long. Eat properly, relax and pamper yourself! Your baby needs a happy mom!

A mom who is well-rested eats a healthy diet gets plenty of exercise, maintains close relationships with friends, and gets help when she realizes she isn’t coping well, is far more equipped to be the best mother!

She can be than one who doesn’t do those things. It isn’t selfish to take time to exercise or to get adequate sleep each night. Remember, your children are watching you and want to be like you!

Find Your Balance

If you’re a Mom and an entrepreneur, then you’re likely used to juggling hundreds of different tasks each week.

And most of the time you feel, whatever you do is not good enough for your little kids! Perhaps you should try these tips:

Give up the guilt

 Moms often feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children because they are away from them while working.

A woman who is happy and fulfilled through striving for her own dreams is always going to be a better Mom, even if she’s tired at times and a bit frazzled.

Remember we’re setting a great example to our children that women can work and be Moms as well. We’re showing them what’s possible for them when they grow up!

If you look at all of that through the eyes of your little toddler who is “watching you” and “wants to be just like you,” know you truly are being a good mom by being a good example.

So can you start to forgive yourselves and learn to celebrate our desire to want to work and embrace the idea of this positive role model? I bet you can. Nobody is perfect, including your toddler.

Let Your Child Make Mistakes

Parents work tirelessly to provide the best upbringing for their children. While a parent’s intention is not to be overbearing, good intentions can often lead to unhealthy parenting practices. Without realizing it, parents can become overprotective.

Let your child make mistakes. Let them be kids and allow them to learn at their own pace. They will make mistakes along the way, but it shouldn’t lead to a panic attack.

Learning from a mistake allows a child to develop this valuable characteristic of facing and growing from failures. Moreover, a child recognizes where they went wrong.

This way, minor inconveniences would not lead to temper tantrums or misbehavior from the child. Instead, the child learns how to spring back into action. In addition to this, facing failure makes children less prone to feelings of anxiousness.

When a child makes a mistake, they see the consequences of their actions. It allows them to take responsibility for the mistakes that they make.

Children should be provided opportunities to make their own choices. Fear of the unknown drives parents to protect their children from harm.

See 3 Benefits of allowing your child to make mistakes;

1. Self-confidence 

Little-BoyChildren develop self-confidence when they are allowed to make decisions on their own.  Allow them to figure out how to do it rather than always jumping in immediately and showing them how.

This also helps them to be brave and not be so afraid of failure that they are afraid to try new things. A great way to show your toddler respect is to let him make even more of his own decisions. It is a great encouragement for you knowing your toddler got self-confidence.

2. Take responsibility

Sometimes they will make poor decisions and this will give them practice learning to take responsibility for their actions and sometimes they will make good decisions and this will help them to feel good about the choices they have made. When they take responsibility for their actions, makes any parent happy!

3. Developing wisdom

Little-GirlAs our kids are allowed to make some decisions on their own, they will learn from the natural consequences and will make wiser decisions in the future. Something which can make any parent proud!

It can be hard for parents to let go and allow their little ones to make some of their own decisions. We need to remember, however, that allowing them to make decisions is good training.

As we step back and allow them to have some control over their lives, they will learn to be more independent, confident, and responsible, what more a mom wants!

Trust Your Gut

Mom And Baby

Parenting advice is not a new thing, before the days of social media, there were “well-meaning” people at the grocery store always ready to give you advice. But now, it’s everywhere. We can’t avoid it. We’re lost in a sea of advice.

And while there is a lot of good information out there, the contrasting viewpoints and really, really opinionated voices seem to drown out our own gut feeling.

Suddenly, we second-guess everything. We doubt our parenting techniques.  We criticize ourselves, our kids, our spouses. We feel lost. But is that necessary?

Get back your gut feeling.

The problem comes when you seek the advice of others in spite (or instead of) listening to yourself. Listen to your heart. A mom knows best. You are an expert on your child, trust your first response!

No one knows your child better than you. No one’s advice is going to take into account all of the little intricacies that make your child unique.  No one is going to relate to your child in a way that you can.

  • Stop! Don’t call somebody for advice. Just Breathe. Give your brain time to reset and think clearly. Pray!
  • Look! Find evidence for or against your initial instinct. Sometimes fear makes things seem worse than they really are, and sometimes we minimize things that are important.
  • Listen! What are you telling yourself? Are these things true? What does your child say (or not say)? What do others say about your child? Do you value their opinions?
  • Act! Now that you’ve taken time to slow down and take in the data, it’s time to make a decision.

Eventually, you will be able to take in advice and suggestions and weigh them against your own gut feeling.

You will advocate for what your child needs, even if other’s disagree. Take time to slow down. And listen to your gut feeling.

Feeling Uninspired? Encourage Yourself.

  • It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to

    Young Women

    triumph begins with you. Always.Oprah Winfrey”

  • In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. “Albert Einstein”
  • It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop! Confucius
  • Believe you can and you’re halfway there. “Theodore Roosevelt”
  • A mother is the only person on earth who can divide her love among ten children and each child still have all her love.
  • Finding balance as a mother means accepting your imperfections.
  • Mothers hold their children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever.
  • The most powerful thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
  • A mother is someone who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

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