You feel some changes in your body. Hormonal changes can cause you to feel bloated, similar to how you might feel at the start of a menstrual period. If it is your first pregnancy, these things will feel quite strange to you.

Most of us know that if you missed your first period, something is wrong! There will also be signs like tender or swollen breasts, nausea with or without vomiting, fatigue, and the urge to go to the toilet for peeing too often.

Happy-MomsThere are a lot of mixed emotions between pregnant women, for some it is joy, the best thing that could ever happen to them, and for some, it is a sad story.

We can only imagine. Sad things could have happened to them. Sometimes not all of us, are as lucky as the next one.

Each mom to be got her own story, but in the end, even the sad things turn out happy, as their little miracle growing inside of them. Painful tears become tears of happiness. As months go by, the bonding and love between you and your unborn baby become stronger and stronger.

Your body is changing, in fact, soon your whole life’s going to be changed! That loving bond that started long before your little unborn baby’s arrival, will even be stronger after birth.

Let’s look at those special ways that you can bond with your baby.

Talk To Your Baby While Pregnant

Talking to your little unborn baby is very special to you and your baby. It has also proven to have a calming effect on your baby. Incredible new research shows that unborn babies can remember what they hear!Pregnant-Women

The cohlea (responsible for translating soundwaves) are well-formed by 15 weeks of pregnancy and fully functional by 20 weeks but are not connected to the brain until around 24-30 weeks.

So, although sound goes into the ears, the baby’s brain does not hear it, until the third trimester. By talking to your baby can help him learn the outside world too!

That first voice, your voice, is what they going to love most, and will continue to comfort them long after they born. This is so amazing! Imagin, after birth your baby knows your voice already!

A mom’s voice is the most intense sound a baby can hear in her womb. Dad and the siblings can talk to baby too! Bonding with your baby is not something that you can pick up from a book, you have to experience it by talking to them every day! This experience will strengthen you and your unborn baby’s love and will help mentally prepare you to become a parent.

Touch And Rub Your Belly

For a mom to be it is an amazing feeling touching your belly while pregnant. It is comfortable and soothes the baby when they are moving or kicking too much. You also feel very close to your unborn baby.

Studies confirmed that fetuses respond powerfully to belly touches, that means they like it too! They answer you back with a happy kick! It is the most incredible communication between mom and baby.

Remember your baby responds to your emotional state as well. It’s not always possible, but let’s try to be calm and happy during our pregnancy for our unborn baby’s sake. Avoid unpleasant companies or places that can make you emotional.

Whatever you do, always protect your baby from any harm. Insight of you, is a miracle from God, a new life. This little baby’s future started already inside of your womb, and with a lot of love, they will face a bright future!

Apart from touching your belly while pregnant, rubbing it with a little bit of massage oil is a great way to relax, and when you are relaxed your baby is happy too! Ask your partner to do the rubbing, it’s also a great way for him to bond with the unborn baby.

A gentle and loving touch is one of the most powerful tools that will help you connect with your baby. Anytime through the day, you can let them know, you’re there, and you’re thinking about them. They can sense your touch and send a message back in return!

Play Music To Your Unborn Baby

Different kinds of music have different kinds of effects on your baby. In my days I use to love Country music, I still do! My parents use to play that music at home during my childhood.

Pregnant moms sometimes have high-stress levels, which can have negative effects on fetal development. Music and singing have a soothing effect on the mom-to-be and her unborn child, especially soft music, like country or Mozart for example.

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Music is also an important part of parental bonding. Listening to music while pregnant, can send calming chemicals throughout the body and into the placenta, facilitating relaxation and bonding. Remember don’t play the music too loud.

Your voice is incredibly soothing to your little angel and assists with developing a bond before your baby is born. Always sing for them, let them hear your beautiful voice all the time. The most significant sound your baby hears in the womb is your voice!

Having An Ultrasound While Pregnant

Seeing your baby moving inside your womb, is an incredible experience! It helps you bond with your baby since it can suddenly seem so real! For fathers seeing their baby’s ultrasound images for the first time, is a powerful moment.

Always make sure your husband attends these sessions with you, for him to experience these awesome moments of bonding with your baby.Ultrasound-While Pregnant

When Ultrasound is done by your health care provider, there’s no need to worry about safety. It uses sound waves instead of radiation, and it is safer than ex-rays.

Give Them All Your Love

When there is a healthy bonding between baby and parent, the baby comes to believe that the world is safe, this is the beginning of the establishment of trust says Marilee Hartling, RN prenatal program manager at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

It is amazing how you can connect with life inside your womb. It is a miracle. Children are gifts from God to families. They need nurture and guidance.

Discipline and love them from inside of your womb, and they will give you peace. They will bring you the delights you desire. little babies are vulnerable, give them all the love they need, to provide a better place for them in this world.

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