During your pregnancy, all you think about is your little angel on the way. People wishing you all the best and happiness with the new baby on the way, It’s the most wonderful time for a new mom.

For a new mom, it will be very helpful to know how to prepare herself for her new baby. Sometimes we have to sit down and make a list. Little babies need a lot of gear!

I always say babies are more expensive than adults! The smaller the size, the bigger the bill! I’m sure parents appreciate the baby shower idea, It”s a great idea, and definitely a huge help for them.

They not even born yet, and yet they already cost you a lot! Anyway, these little sweethearts deserve the best all the time! And it is so nice to buy this little cute stuff for them! I loved shopping for my babies!

You spend the last several months dreaming of the day you finally get to meet your baby. You stocked up on baby gear. Let’s look at what we have to prepare ourselves for:

What Are The Basics You Need Before Your Baby Arrive?

Pack your basics ‘early’ in case labor begins earlier than scheduled. You want to have that hospital bag ready to go whenever the baby is! Make sure you have all the essentials before you head to the hospital!

Packing list for yourself

  • Id Document, It’s always needed wherever you go.
  • Insurance info/ medical aid documents (if you have any)
  • Eyeglasses. If you wear glasses you definitely will pack them. It’s important to ‘see’ everything!
  • Cell phone and charger. Family and friends want to share your special day with you.
  • Toiletries and personal items, Like hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth, face wash, towel, underwear, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, lightweight clothing for when you leave the hospital, and sleepwear. It’s very easy to forget some of these important items! Happen to me so many times!

For Your Baby



  • Cotton blankets, your newborn needs to be covered in soft, warm, and cozy blankets.
  • Receiving blankets


  • Breast pump. If you are a new mom and breastfeeding your baby, remember both you and your baby go through a learning process of how breastfeeding works!
  • Milk storage containers, you will probably need those.
  • Nursing pillow, comfort for you, and you little angel.Nursing-Pillow
  • Brast pads, for those leaks! Necessary for hygiene reasons as well.
  • Lotion for sore nipples, Moms who had that experience with breastfeeding will know how it feels!
  • Bottle and nipple brush, If you need to use it for your baby. Always keep one handy!
  • The formula, in incase you’ll need it. Always check the expiry date of your bay’s formula!

Bath Time

  • Soft wash clothes. Your baby’s skin is very soft, keep that in mind.
  • Baby soap, Use soap, especially for babies.
  • Soft baby hairbrush. Your little one will love it when you brush his/her hair!
  • Baby lotion, always keeps your babies skin moist, because they have sensitive skin.
  • Soft towels. After a bath, your baby needs to be wrapped in a soft and warm towel.
  • Baby bath. A comfortable bath where your angel can be relaxed.


  • Diapers, not too many in case of allergic reactions or the size.
  • Changing pads
  • Baby ointment, Helps relieve dry skin. Soothes and relieves minor skin irritations and rash discomfort. Helps treat and prevent diaper rash.

If You Using A Crib

  • Waterproof mattress covers, It will save you a lot of work and time.
  • Sleepsack, It keeps your baby warm, comfortable, and cozy
  • Approved crib and mattress

Other Important Items 

  • Infant car seat

Whenever you travel with your baby, safety is the number one priority! Get the best safe standard car seat for your infant. Car seats protect your baby, while they in the car. Using a car seat saves lives and it is the law to use one.

  • StrollerBaby-Stroller

For the comfort of both you and your baby, a baby stroller can be very helpful, and it makes your life easier especially for newborn babies, who sleep a lot.

  • Nail clippers and scissors

It is extremely important to keep your baby’s fingernails short. They may scratch themselves in their face with long nails. You may also cover their hands with socks.

  • Bulb Syringe

Babies get the flu sometimes. Bulb syringe can be used to gently suction mucus out from your baby’s nose. It is best to use when your baby is younger than 6 months old. Please follow the instructions carefully.

  • Baby Thermometer

You might need to take your baby’s temperature sometime, especially when they feel warm. Carefully read the instructions that come with the thermometer. Before and after use, clean the tip of it, for your baby’s health and safety.

  • Medicine Dropper

This item can be very useful. Use it properly. Do not squirt medicine directly at the back of the baby’s throat. This may cause your baby to choke. Give small amounts of medicine at a time, give your baby time to swallow all first, before giving more.

  • Fever Syrup

When your baby gets a fever, you might give them a little bit of fever syrup. Note, only when your doctor allows it, never give medicine to a baby without consulting a doctor first. Always read the labels and dosing of the medicine.

  • Baby Monitor

Parents who use a baby monitor will exactly know the benefits of it. One of the primary uses of the monitor is to allow parents to hear when their baby wakes, while out of immediate hearing distance of the infant.

Not So Important, But Nice To Have Items

  • Changing Table

Changing tables allow you to keep all changing things in one area, including your little baby. Although it is not necessary, it is very useful. Never leave your baby unattended on the changing table!

  • Rocking Chair For Feedingrocking-chair

Rocking chairs can provide relaxation and sleep benefits for both mom and baby. It is found that these chairs encourage better and deeper sleep. It’s also a good way to bond with your baby.

  • Diaper Bag

Your baby’s nappies always need a storage place, whenever you go somewhere! A diaper bag is ideal for carrying the diapers and other items that go with it. 

  • Pacifiers

It is not a necessity, but some parents find it useful.

  • Baby Toys

Stick with safe, simple, and organic objects, when choosing toys for your little baby.

Bringing Newborn Home from The Hospital

  • Make sure you’re comfortable with these newborn care basics, especially if you a new mom.
  1. Handling a newborn, especially the neck
  2. Changing a baby’s diaper
  3. Bathing your baby
  4. Dressing your baby
  5. Swaddling your baby
  6. Cleaning the umbilical cord
  7. Using the bulb syringe
  8. Taking baby’s temperature
  9. Tips for soothing your baby
  10. Feeding and burping your baby

Now that you know what to get for your baby, I hope you’ll enjoy and love your baby. When everything is in place it’s much easier for a mom to raise her baby.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article, please leave a reply.



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6 thoughts on “Baby’s Basic Needs-Before And After Birth

  1. I learned a lot about babies from reading your articles. it is moving and informative. I feel the love of these fragile beings in your writings. yours is very nice and I encourage you to continue on this path. full of success for you.

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    1. Hi Chinthaka, 

      You did it again! I just love the way you look at my work! You are so positive and that makes me more positive! You are so inspiring, and that makes me feel great. Thank you for reading and enjoying my article!

  3. Hello again Edith, Thanks so much for dropping another great informative piece. Everybody needs this information because either you are a mother about to get a baby or having a baby. Or you might know someone that does. I wish many people will have access to this. Sometimes many people struggle with the needs and they always get it wrong. Thanks for this once again. Off to share this as soon as possible.

    1. Hi roprimixz 

      Thanks again for your feedback! I really appreciate it. Yes, dear, I am a mom, but my baby is already 22 years old, but I’m a grandmother of 2. The third one on the way! I’m very excited about becoming a granny again! Like we said in a previous topic, not all have the privilege to have it all, but The Upperhand helps where is needed. I always believe so.

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