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The baby shower idea is exciting, but it can be a daunting task. There are so many awesome ideas to think of. You just have to keep your head in the game!

Luckily during tasks like this, there’s always a team ready for action! That makes it very special, fun, and productive. This event relieves a lot of stress and anxiety from overwhelmed parents.

Babies require a lot of things when they arrive. Gifts from friends and family can go a long way toward ensuring that all the necessities are covered.

Everybody knows how expensive baby stuff can be! The smaller the clothes, the more expensive it is. I’m always wondering what makes baby clothes so expensive? I’m sure everybody does.

Some extra diapers and skincare products help reduce the sense of “worry in parents. One important purpose of a baby shower is to mentally prepare the parents for the important job to come.

When Is The Best Time To Have A Baby Shower?Pregnant-mom

Many people think the best time to host a baby shower is four to six weeks before the baby’s due date, late enough that the pregnancy is well along but likely early enough, to avoid an untimely arrival.

If you decided to hold a baby shower earlier, it can be also helpful for the parents-to-be.

They can have plenty of time to buy any essentials they still need after the shower. It also ensures that the mommy-to-be has plenty of energy to enjoy the party!

In most cases, it’s a special surprise. I remember, my friends invited me to a dinner party, and when I arrived there, I walked into a beautifully decorated room!  Of course, I was in tears, tears of joy, and happiness!

That was such a huge surprise for me. I will never forget it. I was surrounded by people who loved me, I could have felt it! It was the greatest feeling for me and my unborn baby.

The place for the baby shower ‘party’ is extremely important!

So, Where Should You Host The Party?

The location of your baby shower completely depends on the guest list and the atmosphere you want. Traditionally, baby showers are held at home. Either at the host’s home or the future parents.

When we celebrate baby showers at home it gives the celebration a sense of intimacy and comfort for the guests, however, hosting these parties at home leaves you the next day with a “messy” house!

Well, that’s not the end of the world. There is a lot of ideas for baby shower places, to throw a great bash! No need to worry about it. Discover a few!

1. Restuarant. Depending on the guest’s number, you can book the entire venue or just one large table. Guess what, after the party, you go home to a fresh and clean house!

2. Tea Room. This room can be a very comfortable and cozy spot. Baby showers hosted in a tea room can be stylish, especially with a nice decoration plus a cake! You can even plan some games and activities for the guests.

3. On The Farm. Farms are adorable spots and very popular to host celebrations. You could take great pictures there! These rustic and natural locations create a homey vibe too!

4. A Tent. Imagine a tent in the woods! A perfect natural view and outdoor setting. You can always rent a tent. Rental companies will also include necessities such as chairs, tables, table cloths, and much more!

Baby-Decorations5. Outdoor. Outdoor baby showers are also very popular, relaxing, and charming. It’s almost perfect in the summer or spring. It can be something like a picnic or a huge gathering around a long table.

The best thing about outdoor parties is, the space you’ll have for outdoor activities and fun games. You can even hire an event agency as well as a rental or a suitable tent with chairs and tables. You won’t have to do anything, just sit back and enjoy.

If decorating yourself, find a few tips here:

How Do I Decorate My Baby Shower Room?Babyboy-Cake

  • Start using a theme.
  • Pick a color scheme.
  • Decorate with what you have chosen.

There are many decoration ideas. Here are some:

  • Little cupcakes. What is a party without cupcakes!
  • Baby cake with “soft” colors. A beautiful cake is always the centerpiece of the party!
  • Table with baby clothes and little shoes.

BaloonsImagine how awesome that view can be! Great to take pictures with.

  • Balloons in the baby shower area.

Every good party needs balloons!

  • Desert table.

Ideal for any dessert table.

What is a baby shower without gifts?

Nice Gift Ideas For Baby Showers

Here are a few. There are millions of ideas!Baby Gift-Amazon

  • Bubzi Co Baby Footprint Kit & Handprint for  Baby Girl And Baby Boy Gifts. By Bubzi Co. Available at
  • Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket– knit Soft warm fleece For Boys Or Girls. Available at
  • Baby Delight Go With Me Chair Indoor/Outdoor Chair.



  • Blinge SMTF Cute Animal Soft Baby Socks Toys Wrist Rattles And Foot Finders For Fun Butterflies and Lady Bugs, Set of the piece.
  • Blooming Bath(Gray/Dark Grey)
  • Diaper Bag Backpack Bamomby Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack Nappy Bags.
  • Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Face Hooded Towel, Pretty Elephant, One Size.
  • Organizer 100% Cotton Canvas, Stylish Rope Nursery Storage Bin.
  • Gift Card In A Bag $50.00-$2000.00

Well, I hope you shopped enough for that special baby shower event! Each gift makes a mom or dad’s heart happy, It gives them a lot of happiness, especially after the arrival of their new bundle of joy!

Little Babies, Big Joy!

Baby showers are the sweetest and the cutest ‘parties’ of all time! Friends and family enjoy wrapping gifts. I love to shop for babies! I can stay for hours in a baby shop.


My husband told me one day, after staying so long in the shop, that I should apply for a job there, then I will be in the shop every day! It was quite funny. But anyway, I won’t mind working there.

Babies are the cutest and sweetest little angels in the world! They even got the prettiest clothes and toys. One thing is for sure, after a party, there is a happy mom-to-be!

I hope you enjoyed reading my article.

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