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Every parent should have that moment,  when they feel like, they have everything together. Where you can get your tasks done, feel in control, and not miss out on precious moments of your children.                                            Well, I believe a baby monitor, will help you make all this possible! For some parents, these devices are “gold”! Many still ask questions about it. Here are some answers to your questions.

How Long Should You Use A Baby Monitor?

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When it comes to your little loved ones, you want the best. Did you ever think about using a baby monitor for your toddler? I think it is as useful as it is for small babies.

Toddlers are more active and in general busy bees! They also clever enough to know mom is watching them, especially from the age of Four.

So many of us have to wonder, for how long we should use a baby monitor. I believe it’s every parent’s choice, whether you want to get rid of it after your baby s first five months or after the age of five years.

Parents have different opinions about that topic. They are overprotective to their children, every parent should be, our loved ones are indeed our life, and there is nothing wrong with caring about the safety of your child.

When Should You Stop Using A Monitor?Baby Monitor For Twins

Soon your baby becomes a toddler, you start considering stopping using the device. You don’t need to through or give it away, you may need it in the future.

Times when your child gets sick, it will be a good time to use it again or on any other occasionSome parent’s just ditched them away for the next reasons:

  • Not all the noises needed you anymore.

It’s normal for kids to be noisy while sleep, like breathing, coughing, wheezing, snoring, sneezing, and dreaming. These are all types of normal sounds. Although I think it should be cute to look and listen to that dreaming angel!Sleeping- Toddler

When they are toddlers, the only sound that needs your attention is crying, even that can also be normal because sometimes they just dreaming.

I’m wondering sometimes what they dream! I’m so curious about what’s happening in that little brain of them. I guess that’s their secret.

Some parents feel these noises they made at night, disturb them and their little ones’ sleep. They try so hard to put them asleep and don’t want to wake them up unnecessarily because of a false alarm.

If you should pick a baby monitor for your toddler, consider a video monitor, with night vision features, then you don’t have to be inside the room to see if they still sleep, you just turn on the device.

  • Your bedrooms are close to each other.

If your kids are crying or coughing, you will hear them through the wall. If your child is loud enough so you can hear them from your room, you probably won’t need these devices, but it’s still the parent’s choice.

  •  Monitors may lead to anxiety and sleeping problems.

This is some parent’s opinion. They feel they become obsessed with every sound coming out of the monitor.

If there’s no sound, they become restless, and even get up a few times at night, which disturb their sleep, to look if everything is ok in the kid’s room, and if the device is still working!

Some of us get so used to these monitors, long after you stop it you still wake up three to four times at night! If you don’t want it and don’t know how to get rid of it, try moving it a bit further from the room every day, till it’s finally outside.

  • Getting addictive, watching the monitor.

To be able to check on your little one through the video monitor is very awesome and helpful. It gives you peace and comfort. But after a while it becomes addictive, and you develop the habit of always checking on your kid.

Why Do You Want To Keep The Monitor?

I believe there is more reason to keep it than to get rid of it. It’s in every way a lifesaver, and useful in many ways like;

  • Monitor the playroomHappy Toddler

While doing your little things around your house, and knowing they playing in the room, and you have a watchful eye over them, it gives you peace of mind.

You can also see them playing. If there’s a little “fight” mom’s voice from the monitor will calm them down, and will make them feel more safe and secure.

You might also play some soft music as well. Soft music has a calm effect on kids.

  •  Does your kid have a health problem?

If Yes! you won’t think twice about having a monitor. These devices will be the perfect solution!

  •  Does your kid sleepwalk?

I used to sleepwalk when I was a young kid. My mom used to sleep “with one eye open!” A monitor will be very useful in this case. Imagine your kid leave the house during the night while sleepwalking! I don’t even want to think about it. Stay safe, use the device.

  • When kids got nightmares.

It’s horrible to scream yourself awake and find nobody to calm you down, near you after a nightmare.

Imagine how scared your little one should be if you don’t hear them calling you? It can be terrifying for a child who calls for help, but the parents are not coming!

When you travel, don’t forget your monitor. It also becomes very useful, when you got friends over for the night, you can enjoy your evening, knowing your sweethearts are safe and sleeping under a very secure watchful eye.

If I feel my kids are not mature enough to be alone by themselves, I would keep my monitor close by.

There Are Always A Solution

Toddler-MomThere are some awesome uses for a monitor, with toddlers, whether by confidence or not.

Choose the right monitor and that’s right for your situation, for using when your kid is older, make sure that you get cameras, that are secure, so no one from outside can get an insider’s view of your house. Never fear when a baby monitor is near.

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