Baby Monitor – When To Ditch It!


Is it time to pack the baby monitor away?

A baby monitor can offer true peace of mind if you feel worried when it’s time to separate you and your little baby, into two separate rooms.

It always allows you to keep an eye and ear on your little ones while they sleep, or when they are sick.

These devices give family and friends also the opportunity to log in and enjoy a glimpse of your baby. It’s great to have a baby monitor on hand, however, you don’t have to use it forever.

Well, parents differ about this topic. Some parents don’t use it at all! But what if you have a newborn baby, and you are a working mom?

Is Your Baby Younger than Six Months?baby-Monitor

When your baby is younger than 6 months, there is nothing wrong with using a video baby monitor.

Most pediatricians recommended it. It’s another way of keeping an eye on your baby. These devices are a great way of monitoring your baby’s breathing without being in the room or disturbing them when sleeping by walking into the room.

They can also be used to monitor your baby from far if you work or you’re at home and leave your little one with a babysitter. It’s not always nice to leave your little angel with a babysitter, and you have to go to work. But sometimes, it’s the only solution.

If moms could choose, they would have to look after their baby’s themselves. Unfortunately, some of us have to go to work and trust the baby monitor and the babysitter.

Perhaps you could ditch it when your baby turns 6 months or older?

Is Your Baby Older Than Six Months?Baby-Moitor

Many parents are still using the device at this stage, I would? At six months, the baby is still very tiny and fragile. Although, most babies are sleeping much more consistently.

Some parents feel that it is not necessary to use the device during the night, while others think differently.

If you respond to your baby brief normal night wakings, when he or she makes noises, that you probably would not hear without a baby monitor, you might actually reinforce those wakings and make it harder for your baby to learn to sleep through the night, explains “Judith Owens,” Pediatrician and Director of the Pediatric Sleep Disorder clinic at Providence Rhode Island.

When Can I Stop Using The Baby Monitor?Baby-Monitor

Stop using a baby monitor when you can hear clearly your kid from across the bedrooms. It is also relative to your kid sleeping through the whole night. When a week or two have passed without needing the baby monitor, you could turn it off.

You can also remove it when it becomes obvious to do so when you are not “fighting” with kids that don’t want to go to bed and are more self-sufficient. Parents will know when they are ready, trust your instinct, and your senses are the best!

At some point you have to create space and distance between you and your little ones, to ensure a healthy and functional lifestyle, where you are not constantly monitoring them.

It’s not easy to decide when you want to stop using this device. Some parents stop using it after one year and some till their babies become toddlers or even six years old!

In many cases, kids need 24/7 attention because of an illness they suffer from, which makes parents feel obligated to keep their baby monitored. On the other hand, stopping it might help your baby get a better night’s sleep.

It can also help your baby develop healthy sleep habits. At a certain age, babies need less frequent night feedings.

Some babies can sleep eight hours before feeding at the age of three months, and around nine to ten hours at the age of six months if they are healthy.

Does Your Baby Need A Monitor After One Year Old?Baby-Monitor

Well, I think that is definitely the parent’s decision. In many houses, it’s one of the biggest debates.

Mom wants to keep it, and dad wants to ditch it! I guess mom always won at the end. After all who knows your, baby, better than anyone else? Mom of course.

At the age of one, they still sleep in the crib. While cribs have plenty of safety precautions, at some point, your child will find a way to move around in it or even get out of it on his or her own!

Having a video baby monitor will help you catch this while it’s happening! It is important to have a watchful eye on your little one. As he or she continues to grow and learns to crawl, walk, and flip over onto their tummy.

We all know that at the age of one year, our little ones are like bees, very busy and active! Some parents feel, as soon as the baby is not sleeping in the crib anymore, they should ditch the monitor.

On the other hand, there are other things to consider, like whether the child is potty trained, and may need to go to the bathroom at night, and whether the child is old enough to open their bedroom door.

You might also consider whether your little one can yell loud enough for you to hear it from your bedroom. If your child has special needs, it would make sense, to keep the monitor for as long as you might need it in the middle of the night.

Are You Addicted To Your Baby Monitor?


However, if you’re so tuned in to your monitor, it’s disrupting your sleep!

You don’t need to hear every little noise your baby is making during the night, some babies are very noisy sleepers!
I will say “cute noisy!”I can believe that you could become addicted to it! Imagine how helpful this little device is. It’s our second pair of eyes and ears!

Maybe, sometimes when the baby is falling asleep, we should be thinking of turning the monitor down, or even of and start getting the quality sleep that you deserve.

Some of us sit awake watching the monitor the whole night because we are so anxious about our baby’s night sleep. Sometimes, (I know not all mothers will be agreed with me, and I respect their opinion about it) we should just trust that our little angels going to bed well, and turn around and get a quality sleep ourselves. We need to be healthy to keep them healthy, we need that rest.

Bottom Line.Baby-Monitor

Don’t feel guilty for keeping your baby monitor in the room for a few years after the “baby” stage.

It is a great tool to have(even better if it is a two-way system, through which you can talk to them if needed) so that you’re not going crazy with kids repeatedly getting out of bed. Plus there is the reinsurance to your kids, that you are just a push of a button away.

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