Baby Monitor- What Is A Baby Monitor?

Everybody is talking about it. For so many of us, it’s something new and even Baby -Monitorstrange, especially if your parents never used it when you were a little baby.

I, sometimes wondering what’s next? With the technology of today what will be the next surprise? Well, I guess we will have to wait and see, things can only become better!

Today it has become a device that parents are practically expected to own. Many love it. Their advice to you is to be on the outlook for the high-tech baby monitors.

In the end, these devices provide a sense of security for parents. As working parents, a baby monitor became a necessity for their home.

What Is A Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor, also known as a baby alarm. Parents use this device to remotely monitor the sounds and movements of the baby. The device monitor activities of the baby while you are busy in other activities.

Baby-MonitorSome call it their third eyes and ears! Remember the baby monitor is not your baby’s nurse! It is very helpful in your busy schedules. Parents can choose from a lot of different monitors, it all depends on their baby’s needs.

There are video and audio monitors on the market, the more specialized ones can even detect the baby’s movements! The very first monitors for babies, use to be just simple audio devices, that enable moms to listen to their baby’s voice in another room.

With further development, they have been added many new features, such as the video camera, night vision, remote monitoring, and home security function. The modern baby monitor can also act as an IP Camera to detect activities in your home.

Who Invented The First Baby Monitor, And When?

The first baby monitor was the Zenith Radio Nurse in 1937. The Zenith Radio product was developed by Eugene E McDonald, and designed by Japanese/American sculptor and product designer Isamu Noguchi.

The Lindberg baby kidnapping incident inspired Eugene McDonald the president of Zenith Radio Corporation to experiment on an audio baby monitor, which later becomes Zenith Radio Nurse.


Eugene tested it on his daughter first, and when he was assured that the technology could work, he tasked a Japanese/American engineer, Isamu Noguchi to design the first Baby monitor in 1937.

It had a sound amplifying system with two units, The Guardian Ear and a Radio Receiver. The Guardian ear’s analog intercom system, transmitted sound on a 300 kHz signal transmitter over the powerline. The communication was one-way.

Multi-Uses For This Device

The baby monitor can be used for:

  • Babies

Keep an eye over your baby while you are in separate rooms.

  •  Elderly loved ones

Elderly parents need a watchful eye especially when they can’t move easily anymore.

  •  Toddlers

Watching them when playing in the playroom.

  •  Disabled loved ones

Depends on their condition, some are in wheelchairs, and need an extra protective eye over them.

  •  Front door protection

Parents can see who comes and goes in and out of the house.

  •  Monitoring your pets.

Our pets are our babies, they too need special care and a watchful eye and ears over them.

Why Parents Like The Baby Monitor

  • Definitely for that extra peace of mind. Whenever you go into the house, you can check up on your kids.
  • You sleep better while knowing your baby is sleeping as well.
  • You have space. Sometimes you need to do things around the house, Baby monitors allow this much-needed flexibility when it comes to space.
  • It contains a video feed. A quick look at your monitor is sometimes all you need to make sure your baby is safe and happy.
  • You can use them for many other purposes not only for babies. It’s always useful to have it around when you got a big gathering at home, a watchful eye over your house is sometimes needed.

Why Some Parents Don’t Like To Use The Baby Monitor

  • While so many parents or caregivers depend on this device, some believe they can survive without it, and some dislike it.
  • They believe technology does fail sometimes, you should not rely too much on technology. It won’t alert us to every problem.
  • It’s frequently confusing. Sometimes a number can be off, but the baby is fine, or the number is fine and the child not.
  • It can set parents up for some unhealthy habits, as their children grow.
  • Not all noises are created equal. Babies make a lot of noises at night, like snoring, sneezing, coughing, hiccups, yawning and the list goes on. All these noises can keep you up at night.
  • False alarms. Sometimes a faulty read or a displaced monitor can trigger an alarm. It’s also important to remember that it can be normal for infants to have irregular breathing at times and that their sleep patterns will change as they grow.

One World Different People

There are many things in this world that not all people are agreed upon. People got different personalities, likes, and dislikes. They all got a different taste, in fact, no one is the same.

It makes it for technology very hard to please everyone. Unfortunately, you either have to like something or you don’t like it. Every individual is unique.

People like to try different things because it allows them to further expand their knowledge about certain things, that they might find useful in the future.


People don’t like failure, but unfortunately, it is part of life! Without failure, you won’t grow and become a better version of yourself.

Nothing is permanent in the world, everything changes, even the people you once knew can change. You can also change! Today, you might not like the baby monitor, and in a year’s time, you just might adore it!

Be true to yourself even if that means being different. Sometimes we have to follow the crowd, to make sure we don’t get lost! Different is good, When someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up and be proud! Angelina Jolie.

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