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Everybody in the house is excited because it’s going to be their first flight with a baby.

Mom and dad got a list of stuff that they have to take with them on the plane. There are so many rules and regulations at the airport, you have to make sure you don’t carry unnecessary luggage with you.

So many people hate flights! All they want to do when they get on the plane is to fall asleep and hope they wake up when the plane landed again. Well with a baby on board, it’s not that easy, unless you don’t forget the baby monitor.

Everybody is wondering if you can take a baby monitor on the plane. It’s a long flight ahead, and that question is on everybody’s lips. You can bring a baby monitor on a plane. Whether it’s in your carry-on bag or your check-in luggage.

Like any other electronic device, be prepared to take it out of your bag for the x-ray at the screening procedure. I will share with you some tips to safely carry your baby monitor and to minimize delay at the checkpoint.

I remember, a few years ago when I and my family took a flight overseas. Those days I didn’t have a baby monitor. Tips for surviving a long-haul flight with a baby or toddler - Familee TravelWe made a booking for the three of us, and my little baby. At the time he was one year old. The crew on the plane provided me a crib for my baby.

It all went well, but when we came back, there was no crib available, and my husband was booked on another seat far from us! Luckily we could arrange with the “stranger” beside me and sort it out! At least there was a happy ending, he ended up sitting beside me. Well, I guess everybody got a little story.

Do I Need A Baby Monitor On The Airplane

If you ask me, my answer is yes, why not! If you fall asleep, you won’t be able to hear your baby. With the help of these devices, you can have some peace.

This little device makes our lives so much easier, no matter where you are, or what you do, I’m sure many moms out there are thinking the same. I’m sure while you read here, you have a big smile.

I think technology is definitely on our side! And it’s getting better every moment. With a baby monitor on hand, you can now have a peaceful flight. Sit down parents, baby in the crib, baby monitor in the right place, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy the flight.

Is It Possible To Take the device In Your Hand Luggage?

Again, you never know if you follow the rules, or get against it. If you can take a cellphone, charger, or other types of electronic devices with you on the plane, You might take a baby monitor as well, although, it can be risky. This device is no different than any other electronic stuff.

To put a baby monitor in your handbag can be unsafe as well. I know, I personally experienced it. When you looking for something in your bag, you end up throwing everything on the table or floor, and in the process damage whatever is valuable inside of it.

Some parents said, that they have been traveling with this device on several occasions without any problems. Nowadays they pass everything through the X-ray machine.

If you bring a cell phone onboard, I can’t see a reason why they won’t allow a baby monitor. Most of these devices are normally pocket size, so no need to worry.

If a parent is still concerned about this issue, I recommend they call the airline, to give them peace of mind. The last thing everybody wants is trouble with the authorities.

Can I Keep My Baby’s Monitor In My Luggage? It’s always a concern because it is such a fragile device. We saw so many programs on television of airport employees tossing luggage like garbage. Looks like they don’t realize how valuable some of the content in our luggage is.

I suggest, parents wrap it nicely in a soft cloth and place it between the clothes in your suitcase. I’m sure it will be well protected there. The last thing we wanted is to end up on the plane with a broken baby monitor! This device is a lifesaver to us.

So, if you want a pleasant and peaceful flight, make sure your baby monitor reaches the airplane safely and unbroken. I’m sure everybody wants to enjoy the flight.

How Do You Get This Device Through The Airport Security?

I don’t think we have to worry about that. You are allowed. Although certain things not allowed. We have to be aware of what is allowed and what not.

The US Department of Transportation, along with the Federal Aviation Administration, has ordered a ban for all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone’s from flights in the US.

If you’re planning to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a baby monitor, you will have to make a change in your plan. Luckily that won’t be your last option, because there are thousands of baby monitors in the markets.

Catch A Plane Instead

Flying with an infant has several advantages. It is safer and it cuts down your traveling time by a lot. However, it’s not all roses and rainbows. There are a lot of things you will need, to bear in mind when you planning to do that for a smooth flight to your travel destination.

How do you travel with an infant on a plane?

1. Get to the airport early.

2. Board the plane separately

2. Gate-check your stroller and car seat.

3. If you can afford it, buy your baby a seat separately.

4. Fly during Nap time.

5.  Nurse or feed your baby during take-off or landing.

6. The most important of it all is to stay calm all the time.

A nervous parent breeds a nervous baby. Traveling with a baby is stressful, we more worried about the people around us. Remember babies cry, that’s normal, and most people around you have kids of their own. They will understand, they all have been there if everybody stays calm, your baby will be the sweetest little angel on that flight.

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