The hardest thing for pet-parents is to leave their fury babies alone at home. Although you know there is somebody at home, you are still worried. Especially dogs because they can be mischievous, and get themselves into trouble when unsupervised.

I always say, there is a solution for almost everything. And one of them is Technology! Yes! you can get your pet a baby monitor. For those concerned pet-parents, don’t worry too much, there is a light in the tunnel though!

You can choose from surveillance monitors to motion detectors, activity monitors, automatic feeders, pet collar cameras, and even smartphone-controlled toys! There is no shortage of options for keeping tabs on your fury baby, while you’re away from home.

Can I Use A Baby Monitor For My Fury Babies?

People should think I’m crazy when I say, “Yes you can”! Believe it or not, but for some people is a total waste of money, while others feel, they safe enough in the back yard.

For overprotective pet-parents, it’s a different situation. Their fury babies give them purpose and a reason to muddle through everyday life. They complete them. No matter if it’s raining or sunny, as long as they are with their “mom and dad” that’s what most matters to pets!

Pet-parents will do anything to keep their fury babies safe and happy. They will invest in the best monitor because their pets are like children to them. They are adorable!VTech-DM271-110-SafenSound-baby-monito

A friend of mine tried out the VTech Safe&Sound; DM271-110 DECT 6.0 Digital Audio Baby Monitor @ with open/closed and motion Sensors, and find it very helpful and interesting!

Easy To Install And Connect

For connecting the parent unit, you must insert the power plug into your parent unit power jack, then press and hold the button until the power/link light comes on.

If you want to ensure the baby unit is on as well, which you should see after you insert the power plug into the baby unit power jack, then press and hold the button until the power light comes on. You may need to move the parent unit and baby unit closer to each other, but make sure they are at least 3 ft apart.

With video cameras, you have to make sure you get the right angle and then have to connect them to a base unit or your router, well, in this case, it’s not needed!

Always make sure you do not expose the monitor to extreme heat, or direct sunlight, and keep it out of reach of young children. Small parts are dangerous to pets and children because they might chew and swallow it.

Benefits Of The Vtech DM 271-110 Audio Baby Monitor

This device will provide you with the safety and security your pet needs while giving you peace of mind to relax, as you let go of concerns of wondering if your fury baby is safely monitored.

You can hear every sound your pet makes over a secure DECT 6.0 connection knowing no one, but you are listening. You will know if your pet is somewhere off-limits with open/closed and motion sensor alerts on doors, cabinets, open spaces, or anywhere else you want to safeguard.

Other features include a 2-way talk-back intercom, built-in belt, clip, and up to 1000 feet of range. Imagin you can even have a conversation with your fury baby! Those special moments with your pet are priceless!

The best thing about the parent unit is: You can easily and instantly hear whats going on in the room the monitor is in. You know what they are doing in the room without having to go into it, and exiting them when they can’t come out yet.

Another feature of this device which is amazing is that it shows the temperature of the room. We all know how busy our little pets can be. They can be a handful! Sometimes you just have to keep them behind clothes doors, not to punish them, but to keep them safe and sound.

It can become pretty warm in the room. The VTech DM271-110 Digital Audio Baby Monitor, got the setting to make sure our fury babies are cool and comfortable.

It’s very easy to move this device from one room to another. You just plug it back in and make sure it is still linked.

Other Valuable benefits

1. DECT 6.0 technology for the elimination of white noise sounds to provide crystal clear transmission, giving pet-parents ease of assurance knowing the communication between their pet and family is safe and secure from imposters listening.

2. Alert notification tones displayed by flashing lights on a graphic bar in colors of green and red. Peace of mind for you as a pet-parent of knowing your fury baby is safe and secure.

3. Pets also run away for a lot of funny noises like for example fireworks! Oh, I hate it when the poor animals are exposed to this! This makes them extremely terrified! My heart bleeds for them.

What Makes Your Pet Unique?

  • They are soft.
  • They’re cuddly, they like to cuddle and snuggle!
  • They are vocal, Yes! they talk to us.
  • They are adorable.
  • They are hilarious, they are chasing things only they can see!
  •  Pets always miss you, when you come home they show it to you.
  •  They keep bugs and mice out of the house.
  •  They are grateful! All they want is love, and love knows no boundaries!


Our Pets bring more to our lives than it may appear. In addition to love, companionship, and the emotional connection that humans crave, we actually change our actions when owning a pet. These pets provide unconditional love to us. Says Dr. Fricchione from the Western Animal Clinic.

Without our pets we wouldn’t be complete, they mean the world to us! That’s why we won’t think twice to protect them with our life, no matter how much it cost! And the best of all, they always happy to see us!

I hope you enjoy reading my article.





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