Pet Monitoring camera- ‘Third Eye’

Adore your pets, They too deserve Love and Care.

The hardest thing for pet parents is to leave their furry babies alone at home. Although you know there is somebody at home, you are still worried. Especially dogs because they can be mischievous, and get themselves into trouble when unsupervised.

I’ve always said, there is a solution for almost everything. And one of them is Technology! Yes! you can get your pet a monitoring camera! For those concerned pet-parents, don’t worry too much, there is a light in the tunnel though!

Pet-MonitorYou can choose from surveillance monitors to motion detectors, activity monitors, automatic feeders, pet collar cameras, and even smartphone-controlled toys! There is no shortage of options for keeping tabs on your furry baby, while you’re away from home.

For overprotective pet-parents, their furry babies give them purpose and a reason to muddle through everyday life.

They complete them. No matter if it’s raining or sunny, as long as they are with their “mom and dad” that’s what most matters to pets! Pet-parents will do anything to keep their fur babies safe and happy. They will invest in the best monitor because their pets are like children to them. They are adorable! They are their everything!

Here are more monitors for your furry baby.

1. The Victure 2pcs 1080P Video Baby Monitor 

 The Benefits

This device will provide you with the safety and security your pet needs while giving you peace of mind to relax, as you let go of concerns of wondering if your furry baby is safely monitored.

 2 WAY AUDIO ANTI NOISEVicture video baby monitor is a built-in 48dB microphone & speaker and anti-noise technology.

The fluent sound allows you to comfort your pet. You can communicate with your pet clearly whenever you want.

When the Victure wifi camera detects moving and abnormity, notifications will be sent to your phone immediately, instant alarm videos will be taken and stored in the cloud or SD card.

Ensure the security of your house. Peace of mind for you as a pet parent of knowing your fury baby is safe and secure.

2. The Netvue Dog Camera

Dog-CameraThe Netvue dog camera allows you to keep in touch with your pets anywhere anytime with a built-in speaker, this pet camera creates a perfect two-way conversation with noise filter technology.

Motion alerts will be sent to your phone to keep you informed of every potential danger at your home. 

Netvue dog camera is equipped with 10*850nm infrared LEDs, and lets you see everything clearly even in the dark without disturbance. 

Protect them from dangerous objects

Always make sure you do not expose the camera to extreme heat, or direct sunlight, and keep it out of reach of young children and pets. Small parts are dangerous to pets and children because they might chew and swallow them.

We all know these cuties, they are very curious, always want to put their noses everywhere! If something looks or smell nice, it goes straight to the mouth! Just like our human babies!

Save your furry babies from “evil” people.

Pets also run away for a lot of funny noises like for example fireworks! Oh, I hate it when the poor animals are exposed to this!

This makes them extremely terrified! My heart bleeds for them. There are very bad people in this world, those who don’t care for the next person or animal. Those who I believe live only for themselves! We have to protect our loved ones against these evil people.

3.WiFi Pet Camera

What  parents think about this remarkable device

  • It is super amazing and easy to use
  • Affordable
  • The HD quality is excellent
  • The colors are great
  • Every pet-parent should try it
  • Great night-vision

Awesome! I also think parents should consider this pet camera. Many parents love it. One parent said if her dog is on her furniture, she can command him to get off through the 2 way sound feature!

I can imagine that picture, that cute face! (smile) My “mom” is talking to me, but I can’t see her! Now that sounds awesome! It is amazing how these devices can ease lives!

Years ago we did not even think about it! You know what the other great thing about it, is the fact that you can use it with your mobile and view it.

Wherever you are, you can see what is going on in and around your house. Even from the comfort of your office! Many of us can speak English, but writing and reading are difficult for some people. This device comes with a manual with loads of different languages.

Little-PuppyLook at this picture. So sweet and adorable! Who doesn’t want to protect or love these little beautiful babies? 

There is hope. There are many different kinds of pet cameras available. Not everybody likes it, nothing wrong with that.

They perhaps got other interesting ways to care for their pets. Each of us got a different way of doing things, some adore the device, and some feel it is not necessary at all.

What Makes Your Pet Unique?

  • They are soft.
  • They’re cuddly, they like to cuddle and snuggle!
  • They are vocal, Yes! they talk to us.
  • They are adorable.
  • Baby and PuppyThey are hilarious, they are chasing things only they can see!
  • Pets always miss you, when you come home they show it to you.
  • They keep bugs and mice out of the house.
  • They are grateful! All they want is love, and love knows no boundaries!

All They Need Is Love

Our Pets bring more to our lives than it may appear. In addition to love, companionship, and the emotional connection that humans crave, we actually change our actions when owning a pet.

These pets provide unconditional love to us. Says “Dr. Fricchione from the Western Animal Clinic.”

Without our pets we wouldn’t be complete, they mean the world to us! That’s why we won’t think twice to protect them with our life, no matter how much they cost! And best of all, they are always happy to see us!

I hope you enjoy reading my article and found the perfect pet camera for your pet. Please leave a reply, and I will get back to you.

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  1. this another good topic to capture the audience. and it gives the readers a new perspective to think about. because most parents think baby monitors are to monitor baby. here author directs it into anew angle which is more captures to the relevant audience. the topic does this job very well. hence the topic is so related and good.

    • And thank you again Chinthaka! I love your positive feedback. Yes, I’m sure many people did not think of that option! Animals are so loveable and cute, they deserve a lot of love and protection.

  2. Hey Edith,

    You have outdone yourself this time. This is probably the best, most concise step by step article on monitoring your pets. Highly informative, well detailed , Thanks A lot for sharing this. I love the Victure video baby monitor device, I think with the 2 way Audio anti-noise, you can always check in on your pets and calm them down with your voice and or video.

    • Hi roprimixz 

      I love your inspiring feedback to me all the time. It feels great to read such positive words. I love animals, and little baby animals are like a real baby to me! They are so cute and vulnerable and that’s why I believe they need all the love, care, and protection all the time. Thanks again.


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