Learn And Monitor – Disabled Children

Love them and respect them for who they are.

It is a reassuFather And Sonring feeling for disabled loved ones to know that their relatives can always check the baby monitor, to see if everything is alright. They feel safe and secure. Knowing they are not alone.

Parents of children with disabilities face many tough questions throughout their journey. The day you find out your child has a disability,  can feel like that knot is going to be there forever. These parents have a challenging journey ahead.

They will deal with a lot of painful emotions and unique stresses. Questions like “Why” are often asked. Most of the Parens feel guilt, anger, and confusion, but the good news is, you can find hope and joy through all of this. Help is there, just reach out for it. Nobody has to face these challenges alone.

Learning Your Child’s Disability

Knowing your child has a disability affects the whole family, including you, your partner, and the rest of the family members. On the other hand, it can also be a rewarding and bonding experience for families.

baby-and-mom-feetIf you have a loving and caring family, you already have the necessary support. Love changes everything. So many things go through your mind, soon you found out that your child has a disability. Thinks like for example:

  • What would his/her future be like?
  •  How are they going to cope with daily tasks?
  •  Will you be able to help your child with his needs?
  •  Will this disability affect their development?

We get to watch our children grow and develop over the years. Some disabilities will inhibit or delay your child’s development, whether it’s physically, socially, emotionally, or intellectually.

However, some disabilities won’t interfere with your child’s growth at all or only in a minor way according to, “Feros Care”. Every situation and every child is unique.

Disable children

Always remember, you’re not on your own. There is support available. Soon you involve your other children in caring for your child with a disability, this could strengthen sibling bonds.

According to “World Development On Science Direct”, Having a disabled parent reduces a child’s probability of attending school by 16%, and lowers the expected number of grades completed. The negative impact on school outcomes is larger for boys but is more pronounced when the mother is the disabled parent.

Understanding The Level Of Disability


Know in what manner you can help. We need to assist our disabled loved ones mentally and morally. We have to listen and tune into what they feeling. Observe their mindset of behavior to see if they are showing signs of anxiety or frustration.

Only then we could have answers as to how to take care of them better. They might take the ultimate test of your patience, time, and effort. Whatever you do, don’t give up!

We have to understand the level of disability and how we can help. Regularly checking for household hazards, such as loose rugs, etc. Installing aids such as disability grab rails, wheelchair ramps for steps, shower seats, etc. We need to encourage them.

Respect The DisabledDisabled Kids

No matter who you are, love for your fellow humankind is a wonderful thing and if more humans innately felt it, and their love was not abused, misused, or otherwise subverted for nefarious choices of others, the world would be a better place.

Respect the actual human soul inside the “disabled body” you see and observe before deciding to just “take care of them somehow” Some people with a disability, need special care depending on their condition.

Treat them as equals. Everybody wants to have fun, friends, and happiness. Our disabled loved ones are no exception. Sometimes they may act, feel, or think differently than you. Just think of them “They different in a unique way”

Treat them equally. Do not stare at them, they have the right to privacy like any of us. I always said, what you do not want to be done to yourself, do not do to others.

Baby Monitors Can Be Helpful

Monitoring Your Loved one. Remember baby monitors are not only for babies. It can be very helpful for walking toddlers as well. These devices have multi-uses these days.

If you’re concerned about the disabled child in your home, you caring for this affordable wireless baby monitor that provides clear live images to a portable display screen.

Baby monitors can be useful for many occasions. It’s also known as an alarm. One of the primary uses of these devices is to allow attendants to hear and see when an infant, elderly, or disabled person wakes, while out of immediate hearing or seeing distance of the person.

Some of the monitors provide two-way communication which allows the parent to speak to their loved ones, and some allow music to be played to the person, Like for example the following;


High-Quality Color LCD Screen 

This unique baby monitor features a High-Resolution Display with 2x zoom magnification for comprehensive coverage. The 2.4” screen can deliver streaming live views whenever you check in.

High-Definition Night Vision&Temperature Monitoring

This baby monitor with a camera has 8 infrared LED Lights and could constantly monitor babies’ activities. Other built-in features include automatic night vision and temperature monitoring.

TwoWay Talking&Long Transmission Range

The video monitor covers a transmission range of up to 960 feet. You could play 4 soothing lullaby songs or use the two-way talk-back intercom function to comfort your babies.

Easy Instalation&High Capacity Battery

Simply plug in the camera and monitor to use this magic baby monitor! The Li-ion battery is 950mAh and lasts 8 hours in eco mode. Your child deserves the best!

The Golden Rule

  • Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
  • Focus on people first.
  •  Always ask before giving assistance, just because a person has a disability they don’t necessarily need or want assistance.
  •  Think before you speak.
  •  Avoid showing pity or being patronizing.

Make This Goal A Reality

Use the language that reflects our respect for them. Remember they are people, Their disability is just one of many characteristics they have. They surely have the same needs we all do.

Show them dignity and respect. Let’s focus on their abilities, not their disabilities. How you treat your child with a disability today, will determine their future.

HAPPY-KIDSAlthough they may do things in different ways, however, they can achieve the same outcomes. Relax and be yourself in their company.

Let’s love each other, no matter who we are. In the end, each of us matters to God.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed reading it, please leave a reply and I will reply back to you as soon as I can.

Wishing you joy, peace, and happiness.

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4 thoughts on “Learn And Monitor – Disabled Children”

  1. I nicely written and articulated article as to how we should learn about our child’s disability and also the level respect we should show.

    I think you make some great points. The first is that it natural for parents to have so many thoughts go through there mind as to what the future holds for their child, but I think they should always remember that anyone can achieve anything from any earlier age not matter what they face or disability they have- disability is no barrier to what you can achieve in my opinion.

    The second great point in this article is about respect. I think the golden rule I agree with 100%, is treating everyone as you would like to be treated.

    A great point, and one which we should carry with us always.

    • Hi Joe, 

      Thank you very much. I love your inspiring words. This is so well said. I know disabled people who are very successful in what they’re doing! I agree with you. 

      Oh Yes! That’s my golden rule, Joe. If all of us stick to that rule, the world would have been much better and friendlier like it is now!

  2. Wow!!  Edith!

    This is such another very great article. I have bookmarked this already. It has such useful and informative content. I wish a lot of people had access to these informations. One always have to respect the disabled no matter what because it is not always their fault. For these articles you are writing. The best I can say is God bless you very much and keep on the good work.

    • Hi roprimixz 

      Thanks again, I believe in this world you should care for each other, no matter who and in what situation you are. We all have one Father. If we all respect and treat each other right, this world will become a better place for all of us.


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