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Our elderly are the most vulnerable people to us. They are more prone toElderly -Couple health problems compared to other age groups. With effective monitoring and alarm systems, the adverse effects of unpredictable events such as illness fall can become better to some extent.

Costs of nursery homes, or employing professional nurses, are very high.

Fortunately the advent and advance of wearable technology have opened a door to develop devices for elderly care, which makes the life of both parties much easier and peaceful. Baby monitors can be very helpful for your elderly loved ones.

Beginning Of The Circle Of Life

Elderly-HandWhen a new baby arrives, there are some sudden changes in the house, like for example, new baby clothes, a new crib, baby accessories, dad being busy painting the baby room, and so on.

Everybody is happy and joyful. Mom and dad prepare the other kids for the arrival of their new baby sister or brother.

Everybody’s looking forward to meeting the new member of the house. Grandma and grandpa also visit for a few days to welcome their grandchild into the family. The pets in the house also notice the excitement of the family members. They too, know that there is something going on!

During The Circle Of Life

Through the years, the little baby becomes a toddler, and then a teenager and finally a grown-up, with kids too. Soon they become grandparents as well, and the same routine repeats itself again.

Our grandparents play a huge role in their grandchildren’s lives. They spoil them and love them like their own. I’m also a grandmother and my little ones give me so much joy. Sometimes I wish they stay babies forever! Well, we know that is impossible.

Sooner or later our elderly parents become too old and experience some health issues, which makes them inactive for certain activities.

We as the children don’t think about our parents’ last days, and at some point, we have to make long-term care and retirement plans for them. One day they are fine and the next, they are unable to look after themselves.

How To Monitor Elderly Parents

When your parents are living with you in the house and are not in the best of health, consider a remote control baby monitor, that they can use, no matter what they are doing in the house or where they are, they must be able to reach you easily.

It should detect falls and let you keep up with their whereabouts. Having these systems in place also gives senior patients peace of mind from knowing that emergency services will respond if there is a fall situation or a medical problem.

Anyone in charge of an elderly patient or loved one, knows how difficult it can be to ensure their safety on a 24/7 basis. It’s simply not possible to be with them at all times, because of other concerns around your house which needed your attention as well.

Elderly- CoupleIf it’s your first time looking after the elderly, it can be difficult dealing with the situation. It can become worst if you do not get any help and support from family members.

The presence of a baby monitor or room monitor can prove to be a real lifesaver. A simple device like this, will do the trick, believe it or not. There are hundreds and thousands of them on the market, some of them the elderly will have no trouble with operating themselves.

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor with up to 1,000 ft of Range, Vibrating Baby MonitorSound-Alert, Talk Back Intercom, Night Light Loop & Two Parent Units

Remote monitoring technology actually began with baby monitors, but today it helps Adults and caregivers see, hear, and respond to the needs of their elderly loved ones.

These devices have come a long way and now allow for video display as well. This is a great option for anyone whose loved one is not vocal due to a stroke or other ailment that has affected their speech.

Many of us are not open to the idea of discussing long-term care with our loved ones, but we have to come together and talk about it. It is very important for both children and parents. These few tips will help make it easier for you and your parents.

1. Communication


Communicate with each other as often as possible. Know each other’s needs. Important decisions have to be made and if that line of communication is open, it will make everything much easier. Avoid “fights” to be respectful of one another. No problems can be solved during “fights”

It’s not always easy for elderly people to talk about long-term care. We have to understand that and handle it with care. Respect what they say and feel. You will be able to convince them in the end. Love always overpowers anything. Explain to them how it will be handled, who to reach out to at a certain point, and other arrangements. They need to know.

2. Support Them

As a family member, do not hesitate to offer your support to them. There are a lot of things that you can help with. For example. Paperwork, finance management, and even emotional support.

3. Take Care Of ThemElderly-Help

Never lose sight of your elderly loved one’s wishes and needs. Help them where ever you can. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t make them feel useless or helpless, let them decide about their own care and situation, as long as they don’t endanger themselves.

4. Care Options

There comes a time in your parents’ life, that they won’t be independent anymore. They will require 24/7 care, depends on their situation. If they can live on their own and don’t need round-the-clock medical care, make sure they live close to family members.

If they require a high level of medical care, then you can consider them living with you or a nursing home. Not everybody can afford a nursing home. In this case, you will have to choose the care solution that suits your parents’ health, needs, and resources.

Monitoring Elderly With Dementia Or Alzheimer

There are also monitors available for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s, which have motion sensors, that will alert their caregivers and children if the patients leave the house.

These devices are also capable of detecting falls, checking indoor temperatures, and helping shut-in seniors communicate with their families and loved ones. Technology brought loved ones together, at the end of the tunnel, is a light. We just have to reach out for that light.

Conclusionelderly hands

Anyone who thinks that a baby monitor is designed exclusively for targeted surveillance or (sleep) monitoring of children, is wrong.

The fact is, this innovative technology also meets bigger approval among the wide world of senior citizens.

In the end, all they need is love and attention. Let’s treat our elderly loved ones, the way we want to be treated one day. Let”s make the end of the circle for them a paradise with fewer worries and emotional pain.  After all, they are the ones, who brought us into this world.

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