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A mother is a doctor, a teacher, a chef, a cleaner, and many more things in the house. A mom’s job at home never ends. She works 24/7, and when she got a little sick baby, it’s even worse. Moms know that well-known word. “sleep while your baby sleeps, otherwise, you will be awake 24 hours.”

Well, while other family members sleep peacefully, mom is awake with a crying baby all night, and the best part of it is all for a good cause, for the love of her little ones and the rest of the family. When little ones get unwell, it always started with a fever.

What Causes High Fever In Babies?

Thermometer For BabiesOur Babies got in touch with other people so often, such as family members, babysitters, and even pets. It’s very easy for a little baby to pick up a cold or other viral infection from somebody.

Ear infections and throat infections are also common in babies, and all these symptoms cause a mild to high fever.

Babies can sometimes have a fever, which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are sick, although when our baby got a fever, we should be concerned. People should not cough, or sneeze near a baby It’s very important to keep our babies away from other sick people.

More serious infections like for example, meningitis may also cause a high fever. For your little babies’ health, it’s always best to seek medical help, because we don’t know what the reason is for our babies’ fever.

How To Keep Your Baby Comfortable With A Sudden Fever.

In our modern lives today, parents are sometimes trying to treat their little ones, themselves at home in case of a sudden illness such as a fever. It is very important to know that our little baby is well to be treated at home.

Baby-YawinigIn case the baby got a sudden fever, there are a few tips to keep the baby comfortable. To start with, we may give our little one a lukewarm bath. Babies love water.

I remember, bathing my babies at night before bedtime. After that nice warm bath, most of the time they slept right through the night. Maybe any mom can try it.

Another tip, I will suggest you give your little one something cool to drink, while they are in the lukewarm bath, it will be the ideal time to give them the drink because I believe the bath makes them a bit happier.

If your baby wearing a jersey or long pants, it will be wise to take them off while the baby got a fever, it will keep your baby cool, and that is the main reason.

Again, babies love it when they are not overdressed. Make Sure there’s enough cool air in the room. Our baby’s health is very important, keep baby happy and healthy.

When Is A Fever Of A Baby Too High?

When your little baby is between the age of three and six months old, a temperature of 38.9 C will be high, and I recon then you will have to take the baby to the doctor immediately. Even if they are older, don’t waste time, I will do anything to make my baby healthy and happy again.  Knows what is the reason for sudden fever’s in a baby.

When To Take Your Baby To A Doctor

I think parents just got that natural instinct. They will immediately know when their baby needs medical attention.

Baby Rash

If your baby is in general, a healthy baby, then I don’t think we should panic too much, although a mom wants to do what’s best for her baby.

I remember my little baby (25 years ago) had a fever, he didn’t want to eat, he was just not well at all. I had him in my arms and I started to cry! My sister asked me what was wrong, I was still crying, and replied, “My baby is sick”!

Well, I took my baby to the doctor and my baby had a tonsil infection. Now that I think about it again, makes me sad again. That’s how much we love our children. We cry for them.

If your baby is under the age of two or three months, take your baby immediately to the doctor. Your little one is vulnerable, do not give your baby medicine without doctors’ admission.

Look out for any other signs and symptoms, like for example when your baby refuses to eat several feedings in a raw or, doesn’t want to eat anything at all! If there are any other symptoms like a running stomach and vomiting, seek immediate medical attention.

Our little babies mean the world to us, if you think that it’s necessary to take your baby to the doctor, do not hesitate. I believe we must follow our mother’s instinct. Parents know best when it comes to their little ones.

Hygiene Around Your Baby

Baby Bath

Keeping your baby healthy and strong, we should observe proper hygiene to keep babies environment clean. We need to give them a regular warm bath, Oh! they love water so much!

When they’re in the bath they are the happiest little angels! We also need to keep their eyes, ears, and nose clean. It’s very important to change baby diapers regularly, to avoid rashes.

Rashes can be very painful and uncomfortable for a little baby. Parents must also be clean and neat on themselves. There is nothing more sweet and cute than a nice-smelling and clean baby. 

A healthy and clean baby will always be a happy baby and of course the happy family around the little sweet baby.

A Healthy Baby, Is A Happy Baby

Little-BabyIf our little ones are sick, there is chaos in the house. I think we all are sad, we don’t sleep enough, and that makes us irritated with one another. But remember it doesn’t last forever, sooner or later your baby’s going to be fine again! In the end, a Healthy Baby is a Happy Baby, and of cause, it keeps the whole family happy!

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you really enjoyed your stay on my website! Enjoy your baby.

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