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A baby changing table is not a must-have item in your nursery, but it is a piece of comfortable furniture for you and your baby. It’s also a perfect baby shower gift!

Baby-Changing Table

Baby changing tables has at least 2 major benefits.

1. You’ll be able to change the baby to a height that is comfortable for you. Purchase a changing table according to your height. A changing table that is too high or too low, can put unnecessary strain on somebody’s back.

2. According to Nemours Children’s Health the table should have shelves or compartments for storing everything you’ll need. This prevents you from taking your eyes off your baby while you look for that hard-to-find item. It’s great to have it all in one place.

They come in a wide variety of designs and colors you’ll need to find the one that will best suit you and your baby’s needs. Your baby’s safety is always priority number one! Watch what you buy.

The Safety Of Changing Tables Are Very Important

Safety is most important when it comes to your little ones. Choose a sturdy, stable changing table with a 2-inch (5-cm) guardrail around all four sides. I suggest you purchase a changing table with stable guardrails.

Check them regularly for wear and tear. A design that is slightly lower in the middle than the sides, will make it difficult for your baby to roll towards the sides.

Safety straps have an extra level of protection, however, you should still never let your baby out of sight. The strap is there to keep your baby in place, not to keep them secured to the table. Always check if the strap is still in safe working order.

Before you put your baby on any public changing table, make sure it’s clean and in a working condition. Changing Tables do need some repair or even replacement over time. It is very important for the safety of your child. If you cant fix your baby’s changing table yourself, get professional help.

Always Keep An Watching Eye!

Parents and caregivers should never allow distractions while they busy changing the baby’s diaper. The minute you turn away from your baby, anything can happen. I’ve heard many people saying “I’ve just turned away for a second’!

Children can roll or pull themselves off changing tables in seconds! Place your baby on a secure changing table and monitor your baby constantly. It is very important.

Keep diapering supplies within your reach but out of your child’s reach so you don’t have to leave your baby’s side to get them. Never let him play with a powder container. If he opens and shakes it, he’s likely to inhale particles of powder, which can injure his lungs.

Let’s have a close look at some amazing baby-changing tables!

Costzon Baby Changing Table, Newborn Nursery Station

Nursery Baby Changing TableThis amazing changing table has three large baskets for storing your baby’s diapers, toys, blankets, and many more!

Wait there’s more! And another three small baskets for baby’s toiletries, socks, creams,  powders, and other small items. The baskets are made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

The large changing pad will make your baby feel happy and comfortable. This unique diaper changing table is constructed with natural oak hardwood. The safety rails on the four sides of the changing area are convenient enough to change diapers easily and quickly.

The “costzon baby changing table” is very easy to assemble and disassemble.  It’s also easy to clean you just need to use mild soap and a damp cloth to clean it.

To view this elegant changing table (European and American style) which is perfect for commercial or home use, kindly click on the link above.

There’s more to come!

Nozama Baby Changing Table with Wheels Nursery Baby Changing Table

This multi-functional piece of furniture is affordable and can be used for changing diapers, clothes, and massage care.

These portable folding diaper tables are made of cationic fabric, which can be in direct contact with the skin and is easy to clean.

The frame is made of sturdy and strong iron pipes that can ensure high durability. The amazing Nozama baby changing table is portable with a safety strap and wheels! It can be easily folded up to save space. Click on the link to view this adorable piece!

More amazing changing tables to view!

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table with Changing PadNursery Baby Changing Table

The Eclipse Changing Table from Delta Children is perfect for your baby’s needs. It’s elegant and a great addition to your baby’s nursery.

This unique changing table offers generous open storage to keep necessities all together and reachable. It includes a water-resistant changing pad, safety straps, and is made of solid wood.

Safety rails enclose all four sides around the top of the table, it is tested for lead and other toxic elements. Featuring four high sides for added security while changing your baby, the changing pad is trustable. To view this great-looking changing table please click on the link above.

Up next!

Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

Nursery Baby Changing TableThis easy-to-coordinate changing table has a strong and sturdy wood construction and comes in several popular finishes. It features clean lines and a fully enclosed dressing area for extra security.

Two spacious open shelves are ideal for all the diapers, wipes, creams,  toys, and many more you’ll need to get through all those changes. A changing pad is included. It is non-toxic and has been tested for lead and other toxic elements. It’s a great piece of furniture to have in your nursery. To view this beautiful art, please click on this link.

Perhaps you will love the next one!

Baby Changing Table Nursery Baby Changing Table

This nice-looking piece of furniture is a compact changing table that can fit in various areas. It comes with a changing pad and will give your baby a warm and comfortable feeling when changing diapers.

It is very well organized with three drawers and one laundry hamper to help you get rid of the mess with elimination. The drawers can pull out and the laundry hamper is removable!

Great stuff! This adorable changing table encloses safety rails on all four sides and a safety belt. These diaper changing tables are perfect for when space is an issue. If you want to view the great offer, please click on the link.

The Conclusion

New Born BabyBabies are bundles of joy, just to see their mom, makes them happy. Our love and care for our children are all they need. When our babies are saved, we are happy. The best part is the love between a baby and a parent. A child is a gift from God. We should all treasure that gift.

The way to do that is to never let them out of our sight, care for them, and to love them with all of our hearts. Thanks for reading my article. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it. Feel free to contact me Here.

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