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Whether you at home or traveling with your little one, when changing the diaper, you and your baby need comfort. Babies need a lot of attention.

At home, you sure got more comfort and space when changing the baby’s diaper. If you travel it can become very uncomfortable.

Luckily nowadays, you can also find baby changing stations in most public restrooms. That makes every mom and baby happy, and your life easier.

Keep in mind babies are more sensitive to cleaning chemicals and germs than adults. Wipe and rinse surfaces correctly before you use it in a public place.

Should There Be Baby Changing Stations In Public Restrooms?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports legislation that would require changing tables in both men’s and women’s public restrooms. It makes the task of changing diapers easier and cleaner, it also reduces the risk of injury.

Business owners committed to great customer experience will consider installing a baby changing station, placing in each public restroom. This will help satisfy all customer’s needs. It can be very stressful for a parent to not have somewhere discrete, to change your baby, while you out on a family dinner or party in a restaurant or hotel.BABY-STATION

Safety is the key when children are with their families. These products offer parents and caregivers a little peace of mind knowing that they are providing a safe, sturdy platform to give the children the care they need. Always clean the baby changing table first before using it.

Baby Changing Table Ideas At Home

There are many ways to create a baby changing table, as well as a lot of different types, to buy. Have a look at the following.

  • Old Dresser

If you have an old dresser at home, you may turn it into a luxurious changing table. It just needs a makeover. With a little bit of time and paint, you can create a masterpiece!

  •  A Desk

N normal desk can also replace the traditional changing station. Just make sure it’s the right hight, with a solid smooth surface. Choose a desk with raised edges, to prevent your baby from rolling off. An extra shelf underneath will be very convenient for storing diapers and wipes.

  •  Basket

A little basket, big enough for your baby, and not too deep but very comfortable for you and your baby. You should be able to change bay’s diaper in the basket easily. It can be placed on any flat and secure surface.

If You Don’t want to make it, buy it!

  •  Folding changing TableFOLDABLE-TABLE

This product is a good choice. You can even travel with it. It’s easy to store, and a fast and quick installation process. It’s lightweight and portable. Lucky Link Infant Changing Table Folding with Safety Straps, Storages, Baskets and Pad, available at

Baby-Changing- TableThis product is a bathtub and a changer combo. It easily rolls into any room of the house, elevated design for parents comfort and baby safety. It keeps the baby’s essentials organized and it has a flexible drain tube.

  •  Fold-Down Changing Table

The fold-down changing station can save you a lot of space. You simply install it right on the wall. I just love this product. Sometimes all we need is a little more space, and with this product it is possible!

How To Make Changing Tables Save For Your Baby

Parents and caregivers should never allow distractions while they busy changing the baby’s diaper. The minute you turn away from your baby, anything can happen. I’ heard many people saying “I’ve just turned away for a second’!

Children can roll or pull themselves off changing tables in seconds! Place your baby on a secure changing table and monitor your baby constantly.

I suggest you purchase a changing table with stable guardrails. Check them regularly for wear and tears. A design that is slightly lower in the middle than the sides, will make it difficult for your baby to roll towards the sides.

Safety straps have an extra level of protection, however, you should still never let your baby out of sight. the strap is there to keep your baby in place, not to keep them secured to the table. Always check if the strap is still in safe working order.

To avoid keeping your baby unattended, keep all the diapers changing supply handy. Keep supplies out of reach of your child to prevent them from pulling it on them. Before you put your baby on any public changing table, make sure it’s clean and in a working condition.

Changing Tables do need some repair or even replacement over time. It is very important for the safety of your child. Purchase a changing table according to your hight. Straining to reach a changing table that is too high or too low, can put unnecessary strain on somebody’s back.

Safety Is The Key

When our babies are saved, we are happy. One thing you should always remember. Always inspect any piece of furniture in your house, especially with small children. If you cant fix your baby’s changing table yourself, get professional help.

Keep floors dry and clean to avoid falls. Babies are bundles of joy, just to see their mom, makes them happy. It cost a little to get their attention. I believe soft background music, calm babies. Try it.Happy Baby

Well, play some soft music, sing for him, or give your baby a toy to play with, while changing his diaper. It will make him calm and peaceful, and prevent him from kicking, crying, or crawling all over the baby changing table! All the attention will keep him engaged!

The Best part is the love between a bay and a parent. A child is a gift from God. We should all treasure that gift. The way to do that is to never let them out of our sight, care for them. and to love them with all of our hearts.

Thanks for reading my article. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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