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Although your little baby does not have teeth yet, you still need to care for their oral health after birth.

When you look at your little angel, they are almost perfect. It looks like they don’t need anything except love in this world!

Well, we have to think again. To raise a happy and healthy baby you need to do everything right from the start. It’s like the old saying “You either make it, or you break it”

One of the most important things is your baby’s oral health. If you think you could skip cleaning their mouths because they are little tiny babies, you are wrong, it is extremely important.

Oral Health Care From Birth To 6 Months Old

Baby-ToothbrushAfter feeding your baby you should always clean their gums, tongue, and inside of their cheeks. Babies are very fragile so be gentle with them all the time. Never allow the milk to make a thick white layer on your baby’s tongue.

I saw it many times before. If you clean his or her tongue every day this won’t happen, and your baby will be happy too! To clean your infant’s mouth, you should wrap a soft clean cloth, dipped in a little water, over your finger, and gently wipe your baby’s gums and tongue. Do this every day, because it is very important and can prevent or reduce tooth decay in your baby. Remember, dental decay is an infectious transmissible disease. Avoid giving anything from anybody’s mouth even your own mouth to your baby.

Oral Health Care From 6 Months To 12 Months Old

Babies normally get their first tooth from about 6 months old. Many parents believe that teething causes fever and diarrhea. When your baby’s temperature is too high, talk to a doctor immediately.

Baby-ToothbrushYou should take care of your baby’s teeth right from the start. Carry on cleaning the gums, tongue, and inside of cheeks after feeding. While they teethe, it can leave them with sore and sensitive gums.

Soon the tooth comes out clean it with a soft baby toothbrush. At this stage, you should not use toothpaste. And remember, use a toothbrush specially made for babies.

Teething rings can ease the pain for both of you. Give your baby a cool and clean (not frozen) teething ring. Teething rings come in many colors and shapes, it’s amazing what you can get in the shops these days.

Baby-ToothbrushTry these teething rings at Be familiar with the normal appearance of your baby’s gums and teeth. Make it a regular routine to lift your baby’s lips to check for suspicious small white or brown spots on their teeth.

If you see any spot on their teeth, take your child to the dentist right away. Never test the temperature of the bottle with your mouth, for the sake of the health and safety of your baby. These bacteria from your mouth can cause tooth decay.

The ADA recommends that the first dental visit take place within 6 months after the first tooth appears, but no later than the first birthday. Go for it, experience the first visit to the dentist with your little sweetheart.

Oral Health Care From 12 To 18 Months old

Your baby is growing fast. He is a toddler now! By now they should have an oral examination by a dentist. At this age, you should still continue brushing your baby’s teeth twice a day with plain water and a little bit of toothpaste.

Toddler Show Her Teeth

Ask your local pharmacist for a baby’s toothpaste and a toothbrush. Make sure they don’t swallow the toothpaste. We all know that our little ones put anything in the mouth that looks and tastes nice!

Avoid bad breath in your baby, by cleaning their gums and tongue regularly. Always make sure your child’s hands are frequently washed as well as their toys and pacifiers. Encourage your child to brush their teeth regularly and to spit out the toothpaste after brushing.

Parents should help them brush their teeth until about 7 years old. Enjoy this journey with them, and make it special for them. Try to get involved when they do it, let them take the lead, and praise them for their good job!

Yes, I know they always want to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush themselves, but try not to fight with them over it! Be nice mom! Make a few jokes that you know they will like, just for the giggles!

Baby's-First TeethIt’s easy to make them cry, but it is even easier to make them the happiest little kid in the world! It’s those small little things that matter most.

Tooth decay also develops when the child’s teeth and gums are exposed to unhealthy liquids or foods other than water. Added sugars in the liquid or food are changed to acid by bacteria in the mouth.

Baby-ToothbrushIf they don’t brush their teeth, they can suffer from tooth decay which can lead to many other problems which include pain. I don’t want to see my baby in pain. Poor dental hygiene may lead to difficulty when chewing, thus poor food digestion.

If decay is not properly treated, symptoms will continue to worsen, baby teeth can be lost, and even permanent teeth can be affected. Nobody wants this for their little angels!

If you look and care about your child’s oral health from the beginning, they won’t end up with rotten teeth. The right thing from the start will save you a lot of money and time and a lot of pain for your child.


We were all babies many “moons” ago. Some of us had the best in life right from the start, and some did not. Life isn’t fair all the time. Good and bad things happen, as well as pleasant and unpleasant situations.

Not all children had the privilege to grow up with a mom and a dad. Some lost a parent at birth, some been raised by family, or even been adopted by couples who can’t get children of their own.

Some of these kids ended up very happy, with a good loving family. But not all of them have it that good. It’s sad to think about it and also heartbroken.

Little ToddlerSometimes we cannot change the things happening in this world. I wish every child on earth could have the best love and care that they all deserve. But sadly it’s not possible for some. Although it can be. One thing is for sure, they definitely are not alone in this world, it may seem to them like it, but the Almighty is watching over them every second of their life. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone!

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  1. Hello Edith, Thank you so much for dropping the sensational, mind blowing and inspirational article. Reading this through made me very moody. Just like you said, not everyone are privileged to be raised by the best parental care. God is always going to take control because he is the heavenly father. Those who have the opportunity, it is also good to give your baby and toddler oral care and oral hygiene from birth to 18 months time. I really appreciate this article. 


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